What to blog about???

That is the real question. We are soooo busy. We have evening events all week. Kid stuff, parent stuff, me stuff.

Tonight is the all city choir concert. Sydney is in that choir for the second year. It's inconvenient, so it's voluntary. There are out of school practices and an evening concert. If the parents can't get the kid there, the kid can't participate. So, we're glad to see that coming to a finale.

And, this week is the first basketball game of the season. That's always exciting. Sydney is on the bench for the A team in case they need her and if they don't, then she plays with the B team. But, she can't play in both games. Not sure how that's going to work out for her. That's the coaches baby to rock. All I have to do is make sure she gets there and when it's my turn to bring sandwiches, I have to get them there.

Garden work season is starting and I'm trying to plan what I want to add to my flowerbeds this year. Almost every year, I pick a new spot to add some gardening color to. But, it's hard work that can only be done around here in winter...at least by me. I see people out sweating and trying to dig in the dirt in 105* temps. What I don't see is the stuff they plant making it through the summer. There's just not enough water to make that happen. So, I garden in winter. Not like the ground ever freezes, so may as well be comfy.

I finished my lesson plans to teach a quilt class. 15 lessons in a 12 hour class, split across at least two days. I haven't turned it in yet. Gotta make sure the man is good with me doing this. After all, whether he wants to or not, he'll be a participant. He'll need to build me a portable extension for my machine bed and he'll have to do without me while I do all the prep work and he'll have to feed the kid when I'm not home. And, we need to figure out what parameters I have around teaching; will it be Saturday classes, or after work? That kind of stuff. As much as I wish this replaced my other responsibilities, like my day job, it doesn't. It's in addition to all that other stuff, like homework and dentist visits and holiday shopping.

And, I've started quilting the 2011 holiday quilt. I meant to upload a picture of some poinsettia flowers in the center blocks. I've also started the 7th applique block for Simply Delicious. And, I have knitting and crochet and a hundred other irons in the fire.

Thank you all for your kind emails about the quilt show. I was disappointed. I could have used a roll of batting. But, it wasn't my show this time. That's okay. The quilt is still a winner and even if it's with another quilt, I will be in another show. I've got my feet wet now and am over the initial hesitation to put my work out there. So, don't be surprised if you see my name in a quilt show you're at some time.

Okay, so that's all for today. Sometimes life just gets in the way of quilting and blogging...or maybe I'm just having a blogging block from being so busy. I am trying to keep up with reading blogs, but keeping up right now has left me at least two days behind.

Take care and have a great Tuesday. If you get a chance, brew a nice cup of tea and sit someplace sunny to enjoy it and think about me and how much I wish I was there relaxing with you. When it's my turn to relax, I promise to think about you.



yvonne said...

Dear Lane,
Mabey you should have called it keeping it straight. Even with a busy life you seem to know what is important in your life. Your partner, your child, your job, then your fun stuff. So many people don't have the order right.
Yvonne B.

Leah Day said...

Hey Lane - I have only one thing to say: Keep at it!

Keep being the great dad you obviously are, keep being an awesome quilter and soon to be awesome teacher, and keep showing your beautiful quilts. Just keep doing what you're doing because it sounds to me like you're doing everything right.



Becky said...

Good to hear from you! I miss you when you are busy....or rather busier! I've really not seen you be anything but! I love your energy and wish I had a good dose. Have a great day!