What we do when we don't blog

Okay, so normally, I try to keep up with my blogging and correspondence, but this weekend just flew by. First, there was my day with LD. We had a wonderful time. I brought a movie, but we didn't watch it. We sat and talked for 5 hours. And, the only reason we stopped then is I had a conference call I had to dial in to.

We talked about family and friends and food and movies and life and old stories and how we met our spouses and food and we ate. And, we laughed until my sides hurt.

When I got home, we ordered pizza and I just about collapsed. I didn't realize how tired I was.

So, since I was really tired, we decided to replace the kitchen floor. About three years ago, Rob enclosed our laundry room from the rest of the garage. When we did that, we needed a new floor for in there and wanted something to match or closely coordinate with our existing kitchen floor. We didn't find that, but we found this great wood grain and I liked it so much, we bought enough to do the laundry room and the kitchen. We laid the floor in the laundry, this great brown wood floor, right up to the green kitchen floor. And, it sat like that for a few years.

Then, I started to paint the kitchen and we decided we wouldn't worry about the floor until I finished the paint. But, then I think that Rob gave up on me ever finishing that painting and he's ready to replace the carpet, which meant replacing the kitchen floor. So, that brings us where we are now.

I am so glad we did this. I had no idea how bad the old kitchen floor was . And, it's not really this red, but more of a soft reddish brown. The red is something my camera did. Anyway, when we got it home and laid a few squares on the floor, we found that we could lay it in a quilt pattern. And, we did. See how the planks form plus signs? I can't remember the name of the quilt pattern, but I know I've seen it.

Why am I glad we did this? Because that old floor was shot. My sisters gave it to me in the form of gift cards about 13 years ago and it was worn out and there was a ridge of dirt and "mop and glo" between the tiles and a moldy spot under the dog's water bowl. We cleaned and we scrubbed and I scrubbed some more, and finally we got it flat and practically all the glue up so Rob could prime over it. The new floor went down a whole lot easier than the old floor came up, tho.

While I wasn't squatted down in the kitchen, I was working on the Story Time Stars quilt from Bonnie Hunter. I got all the blocks made and I am nearly through with the four patch sashing.

Bonnie made hers with scraps, so didn't know how much to cut. I thought I had cut enough, but I was short. Bonnie, if you're reading this, it was 15 strips of white and 15 strips of blue (1.5" x wof)to come up with the 180 four patches. You end up with one strip set that has to be cut in half and then matched for sub cutting into the four patch units.

I'll keep you posted on progress on this one. It's been a bunch of fun. So easy and so many possibilities.

The pattern was so easy that with a simpler sashing, I could make these for Linus. It would also be a great pattern in a two color quilt. Maybe some red and off-white? I'm really into red this year.

Everybody take care and have a great day. Lane


Andra Gayle said...

I have been wanting to make one like hers too! However, I am still swamped with Orca bay and about 500 UFOS. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Kath said...

Thankyou Lane, (re your floor) at last I see a pattern for my jelly roll which I have had about 3 years!!

Hazel said...

Love your new floor ,you both did a great job .

Piece by Piece said...

Love your new floor, why am I not surprised it is laid out like a quilt pattern.
Your star quilt is looking good also.

Patricia said...

That is the same pattern as the quilt I am working on! The quilt is called "cartwheels" but I don't know if that is the name of the block. Love the stars quilt!

lw said...

The floor looks good!

Now that I've seen the Story Time Stars blocks, I want to make the quilt.

sally said...

Oh, I'm glad I saw your version of the Story Book Quilt pattern. I love Bonnie, but I really like your version of this better. Thanks for sharing. Sally in SC