When there's nothing important to talk about

I've spent the morning trying to think of something to blog about. And, I'm coming up blank. That's so unusual for me.

So, what's going on?

Well, Alba Tross, the white featherweight, started clicking on Sunday morning. I guess I expected that. It's a very annoying click. And, I was NOT in the mood to look for it. I was in the mood to sew, not repair a sewing machine for the hundredth time. What's the fun of having a machine if all you do is repair it? So, I set her off to the side. This morning, I was feeling a bit better about having a few seconds to check her out, so I plugged her in and lo and behold, it's the lug motor belt. Ihad it tight enough to turn the handwheel on Saturday, and on Sunday, it was just tight enough that the lugs clicked on the motor housing as they passed by. Holy Crud! It's always something with that machine. The reason it wasn't happening before is that when I tightened the belt, it was warmed up from using it all day. And when I started sewing on it Sunday, it was cold. And, cold, the belt was tighter; too tight. So glad I didn't follow my first instinct and toss her across the room. Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a new belt that is smooth and doesn't have the lugs. I know the lugged belt is supposed to be superior...but that's just one repairman's opinion. Others say the smooth belts are superior. I don't care as long as I finally get that dad-blasted machine to work.

Okay, so that's not so important and unless you actually have a white featherweight that's a total pain in the rear, it doesn't mean much.

This morning, I cut the last of the blue and white four patch units for the sashing on the Story Time Stars quilt. And, just as I picked up the last one, I moved the trash can to drop some scraps in it and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a dozen blue and white four patch units that had fallen off the cutting table, in and around the trash can. Now, that made me feel better that I had not miscounted by as many as I thought I had. But, it made me feel worse that I'd just spent time making more units that I didn't need.

Not important unless you're curious about why I didn't count them to make sure I had all I'd already made. But, that makes way too much sense for my quilting style. Besides, I don't have enough fingers and toes to count to 180.

Sydney is completely being 14. She doesn't want to do anything. Unless it's something she wants to do and then she wants to know how soon I'm going to do it for or with her. I keep saying that she only wants to be around me when my credit card or my car keys are in my hand. When she comes to hug me, I ask "why the hug? I don't have my CC or my keys in my hand." She thinks that's funny. Me? Not so much.

Only important if you have a 14 year old or are going to have a 14 year old or ever were a 14 year old. Because apparently all 14 year olds act this way. My thought is that Charles Ingles never had to ask little Laura to help out. Laura was always there with her hand outstretched to help the family. Charles must have been doing something right that I'm doing wrong. Was it the constant threat of STARVATION?

Last night, I made Kheema Matar for supper. That's an Indian dish made from ground meat. My recipe had 12 steps and 20 ingredients. It took about 45 minutes to make. Rob tasted it and said it tastes like Taco meat. And, he was right. It did. Likely because it had many of the same ingredients as Taco seasoning. Maybe next time, I'll skip all the extra steps and ingredients in favor of a one-step taco seasoning packet and add some curry powder and peas.

I wish my boss was in town. He's from India and could tell me if Kheema Matar is supposed to taste like taco meat.

My life is so dull. And, I'm pretty happy with that right now. I don't need any more excitement. I can only appreciate being so dull when I think back to times when I couldn't possibly blog about all the things going on. Life should be that way. Sometimes exciting and busy and sometimes quiet and restful. Right now, I'm celebrating the restful.

And, that's what I can talk about when there's nothing important to talk about. Rest.



Becky said...

There is no worse time for raising daughters than age 14. None! Be happy that she talks with you. It does get better, but not until about 16 when they want to start showing they are responsible so they can drive your car. Be glad you can endure. Good luck!

JoAnne said...

I so sorry about your machine. It does seem like one thing after the other.

I have been there with a teenager, too. All I can say is that it gets better in a few years. As far as Laura Ingalls goes, if you read the books, you know that if she misbehaved, Pa used the belt. (I pretty sure you will not do that.) If you are going by the tv show, it was the writers who were responsible for the actions, lol. Actually, speaking of the books, I love when Laura gets her teaching certificate (around 15? 16?) and says that she is so glad b/c she can now start paying back Ma and Pa for the costs of raising her. Talk about a huge change in attitudes!!!!

I hope your week is good.

Laura said...

LOL about the taco meat!

Pauline said...

Just curious about Alba, is it an old one from the 50's or is it one of the newer reproductions? I have bought several machines from a really nice dealer in Rena Lara, Mississippi. So when I became interested in a featherweight I called him to order one. He flat out told me Singer was having a world of problems with the new ones. He strongly suggested I buy another Janome, not as heavy as my 6600, which I love, but a lighter one for inside the house, if the weather was too inclement to go outside to my studio. I'm so glad I listened to him, as the little machine is exactly the auxiliary machine I needed.
Hang in there with Sydney, it will get better. You're handling the situation right.
I'll be finishing my Orka Bay quilt top this week. It's really been intense, but I've enjoyed the sewing and learned several new tricks. It's looks beautiful, what a pattern!

Andra Gayle said...

First of all, you have to remember that Laura Ingles was a Character in a book. Do we, as parents of teens, think she was really so eager to help? We would like to thinks so but I also have 145 students age 12 and see that there is no way, really!
Next-your quilting style sounds like mine-Count the pieces?!? You have got to be kidding. I will sew until it is put together and extras will get used eventually!
Also, I thought I might want a featherweight-The white ones are SOOOO CUTE! but maybe now I will have to think some more...
I always love to read what you have to say.

Leah Day said...

14 is rough, but these years are going to be gone in an instant. 4 more years until she's 18 and, at least in some states, an official "adult".

I guess my only point is there is a lot of worse things she could be wanting from you. Just wait until she asks for birth control for the first time. I wash I could hold you hand that day, Lane, I really do!



qltmom9 said...

I have a smooth belt on my white featherweight and do not have trouble with that. Be VERY careful loading her in her box. Mine ever so lightly touched the edge of the box and broke the side table that folds down OFF!!! I couldn't find a replacement, it wasnt' suppose to be weldable, but I found someone determined to make it work...it broke again, then he tried again and it WORKED! I want to make a bag to lower it into the box with...saw the pattern on the net...
I have a 13yo dd that is more than a handful. Ew. I like my 15yo dd.


Anonymous said...

My 14 year old grandson is so laid back and sweet. So there is hope for the world. Hang in there, it gets better when they hit 21 or so.