NY day

When I was a kid, I can remember on NY eve, going around with my Dad and returning anything that we had that was borrowed. I asked why one time and my Dad said that whatever you do on NY day, you do all year long and he didn't want to be borrowing all year.

Funny how the little things from childhood stick with you.

I've adapted. We don't borrow much, but I still try to do things on NY that I hope I'll be doing all year long. That always begins with as much organizing as I can fit in because I'd like to be organized all year long. I don't mean cleaning. I do not want to be doing that all year long. So, I did as much of that as I wanted to do yesterday so I'd be living in a clean house all year, but not actually having to clean it. See the logic there?

But, I do like to be organized. And, that's what I've done with my morning. NY day morning. A morning when I used to be recovering. Now, I'm organizing.

Does that mean I'm old?

Now, I can get to all my machines at hands reach, anytime I want to use one. I found a sturdy card table at Goodwill the other day and am designing a replacement top that I can set my featherweights or my 301 down into. That costs less than a hundred dollars. Yes, I know they make one and when I had the chance to pick one up for steal with my FW, I didn't do it and I keep a constant bruise on my backside from kicking myself over it. So, now I'll try to make one cheaper.

When I used to work in the grocery stores, we did something called fronting. It was boring work. We'd walk down the aisles pulling product to the front so that it was easy to grab and made the shelves look full. That's what I did with my stash this morning. Just fronted it all because it was all shoved in there everywhichaway as I'd been adding and pulling over the course of the year.

And, I got all the thread and empty project hangers in one place. Thread seems that have legs and walk all around. I find it everywhere.

And, I herded all teh scraps into my scrap user cutting tubs. If I can't get to it, I'll never get it cut up and used. And, I found a ton of muslin and a ton of little pieces that just needed to come out of the stash. They were rolling up every time I tried to move anything around.

I also got all the quilt backs that I've bought this year together and stored in one bin where I can get to them easy...so I'll stop thinking I need quilt backs. Because I could never find one.

Does that mean I'm old?

And, I refolded all the neutrals and got them fitted back in their drawers. They were starting to hang out like unfolded underwear.

And, I like to do new things, so while I was organizing, I pulled out a few fabrics and I"m going to try a bias strip method to make a bunch of hst's for a quilt. I've always wanted to make feathered star and I picked one in a Marsha McClosky book that she says I can piece in 10 hours. I'm going to put that to the test. Not all today, but starting today. Because I want to be quilting new and fun things all year long.

I'll also cook a little and spend a few minutes in the yard. All things in proportion. Just like I'd like to do them all year.

Okay, so have a great NY day whatever you decide to do. But, don't do anything unpleasant, just in case my Dad was right, okay?



regan said...

Yep....the treadmill and flossing are on my list today.....we'll see how long they last! lol But I'm still hopeful!

Joni said...

Lovin' it!

Becky said...

Yep!! I'm gonna be quilting here soon so I can be at it all year. Happy New Year my dear friend!!!

lw said...

I won't be able to put my sewing room back together for at least two more weeks, so I'm vicariously enjoying your labor to get yours ready to sew.

Bratling said...

You're not alone, Lane. I spent all day yesterday organizing my stash. Before, it was piled into my sewing closet AKA. The Black Hole willy nilly... in cardboard boxes, out of them, in plastic shopping bags, reusable shopping bags, loose, all the way up to my neck and shoulders--And I'm 6'0. I spent the week before gathering bins, and all day yesterday sorting and labeling. It took 20 bins (yes, I'm a packrat!) but it's now all sorted by color and in some cases, material. Eventually, I'll straighten out the bins better, because the fabric was just tossed inside because it was a herculean task! The closet is still pretty full, but I can get in it now and find exactly what I'm looking for.

Michelle said...

Have a wonderful day. It looks like you got a great start!

Thank you so much for the email the other day about my serger. It was very helpful, and you will be happy to know that the serger is out of the box, set on the table, the manual has been read through once, and the instruction and helpful hints discs have been viewed on my computer. I have watched a lot of videos on serging, and ordered Nancy Zieman's Serging Workshop Workbook and video. I'm less scared now.

Now, it's naptime. I'd like to be more rested in 2012.

Bless you,

Kath said...

How lovely to be all organised. I'd love to dive into those scrap bins :-D
I spent the day dog walking, listening to audio books with husband, eating cake and making "little house" blocks. The sort of things I'd like to be doing for the rest of the year :-)

Cynthia L. said...

Hey Lane! I have been out of pocket for a while, but thought I would start the new year off right and visit some old friends! Your organizing looks good and gets me in the mood. I will get started on that task soon!

Sam said...

Your Dad sounds like he was on to something! Happy New Year Lane! Love the stash sort out too! Sam xox

qltmom9 said...

Oooo...your fabrics look so pretty! I wish my stuff was so organized. I partied for the FIRST time ever! LOL, quite mild, we saw a Beatles remix concert. FUN. Yes, we are old. Oh, well...there ARE advantages to that. My fabrics couldn't be "fronted"...too scrappy and messy, cut up with only pieces left.