A little garden time

Not much happening on the quilting front.  Just more melons to quilt.  And, more after that.  And, then some more.  It might even be growing more melons around the edges for me to quilt.  yay.

But, the only way to get them done is to keep doing them, right?

But, that doesn't keep me out of the garden.    Where I mostly water.  And, pull out dead leaves.  Which is exactly as much effort as I can put in during the heat. 

Someone told me they thought this was a Dog's Face Iris.  It blooms these stalks, each with many very cute small orange flowers.  Have to watch this one though.  It's a tiny bit invasive.  I got it from a field in Arkansas.  It's habit is to lay over and drop seeds at the ends of those long stalks to spread.  So, I try to keep it staked and tied. 

A yellow shrimp plant.  Shrimp plant loves the heat, and we've got plenty of that.  I nearly killed this one off a couple years ago, but have slowly nursed it back to health. 

Daylily, Yaba-Daba-Doo.  We love this one.  This is a really late bloom, even for this plant.  But, I noticed a couple other scapes up yesterday on other daylilies, so I guess they're not really done quite yet. 

Firecracker fern, not to be confused with firecracker plant.  Firecracker plant loves the heat and sun.  Firecracker fern likes dark and damp.  But, the flowers are still bright red. 

Ixora.  I love Ixora for the organized chaos of the tiny flowers that make the flower heads.  Plus, that orange color is just about as cheerful as it gets. 

The last of the Phlox.  I cut them back this weekend, hoping I'll get a new set of bloom.  They tend to put out smaller heads from the leaf joints, if deadheaded.  We will see.  It's kind of late.  But, there's a ton of this and that lavender color is bright and feels cool in the heat.  I have it planted around the small patio and glider.  It really sets the space off. 

Bougainvillea.  This one always amazes me that it comes back every year.  Every year, we think we've lost it.  And, every year it comes back.  We have three. Unfortunately, this is the only one blooming right now. 

And, finally, back to some yellow.  This little daylily was on the $3 rack at Lowe's the other day.  I love to buy their markdowns.  I actually bought 7 or 8 plants at $1 each and this daylily at $3.  All because they had gotten leggy.  I do love a bargain!!

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  Sydney had orientation at the college the other day.  She had a longer bus ride than she'd ever taken before.  Had her first transfer.  I was so proud of how she handled herself.  And, I helped her laugh about getting on the wrong bus and having to get off and then try again.  And, how important it is to pay attention to your route number BEFORE you get on the bus.  She is truly growing up.  And, making mistakes is part of growing up.  The best thing I can help her do is laugh at the ones that are funny and don't matter so she can take he others seriously.  Because not every mistake is of equal weight...even though that's what I was taught. 

The restaurant finally fired their bad egg, and Sydney is getting his hours.  At least temporarily.  So, she's working evenings the rest of the week and most of the weekend.  It's going to be nice.  But, I'm also going to miss her at dinnertime.  And, more especially when it's time to do the dishes. 



lw said...

Your garden looks great. We've got an infestation of Japanese beetles, and I haven't gotten a single rose this year.

Mouse said...

Now those are some beautiful flowers. Beautiful pictures, too. I believe the flower in the first photograph is crocosmia. Looking good and stay cool!