Drawing, reading, and making pies

I've moved into the melons on the DWR quilt.  I decided what I wanted, picked up my white pencil and started to draw.  The first couple shapes didn't fit.  They were too small...the feather elements were out of size with the feathers in the diamonds.  Quilting is all about the relationship of one element to another.  These relate well.  I didn't think of it in these terms until I received feedback after a show, but since then, it's stuck with me.  Is entire surface of quilt evenly quilted?  I've received feedback in that section before, but only to note that uneven quilting was used as a design element on one of my whole cloth quilts.  I'm real careful to keep my quilting even, after a few disasters that drew up in sections that were more densely quilted than others. 

Is it reading when I listen to an audio book?  I don't know, but I'm going to keep calling it reading because...well, that's one of those things I'm just too old to care about being precise about.  I use the Audible app to listen to books.  Audible offers a "daily deal" which is a book, really cheap.  They're often a teaser, like the first in a series, but there are also classics and radioplays and a lot of variety.  Most of what I read comes from there, and I only pay "full price" to make sure the credits I earn for my membership don't expire without being spent.  A few months back, there was a book by author Catherine Ryan Hyde.  The title was Where we Belong.  Excellent novel about a girl with an autistic sister and a flaky mom who befriends a curmudgeon that saves her family.  Recently, they ran another, and I recognized the author's name.  Another excellent book titled Take Me With You, about a mature man whose son has died and he befriends two young boys.  Catherine Ryan Hyde takes some very uncomfortable situations...I mean things that make me feel really squeamish when I'm reading them...and she turns them into these really wonderful stories.  Now that I've read two, I'm planning to spend some of my credits on more of her novels. 

We're going to a barbecue tonight.  Friends up the street have teenage girls.  We have one too.  We're going to introduce them and see what happens.  Pray for us all!  Anyway, I'm taking dessert.  Last night, Rob and I had sandwiches and I spent the evening making pies. 

Chocolate and apple.  I'm out of practice making meringue.  I used to make beautiful meringue.  Oh, well.  The meringue is just to keep that chocolatey goodness from drying out on top, and once they get a taste of that, they won't care about the meringue anymore. 

Everybody have a great Friday!  I'm looking forward to the weekend. 



lw said...

The scale of the quilting in the melons looks just right. And the pies look delicious!

Anonymous said...

thank you for showing the quilting of the lovely wedding ring quilt. I have you in my thoughts regarding the barbecue, having lived through this myself many times! Thanks also for the book recommendations. I will search them out in the local library.

Russell1947 said...

It might be too humid to make a nice meringue. Nothing spoils chocolate though. And your crusts look lovely.

Sandra Colwell said...

Your pies look delish! Good luck with the teens. I have 3 teen daughters and that is a mental workout every day! Lol!!

Sandra Colwell said...

Your pies look delish! Good luck with the teens. I have 3 teen daughters and that is a mental workout every day! Lol!!

jane said...

I love the colors of that quilt. Please show a big picture of the final result. I would like to remember the colors for the next time I make a comforter cover. I don't quilt but I do make a lot of comforter covers and my two look like they will need replacing soon.