A couple of little things

Today it's about a couple little things and starting to plan what comes next. 

I made this on Saturday.  I was looking at kits on ebay and this one came up for $3.  But, the shipping was $7.  I muttered something rude and moved on.  But, then, it came back for $3 and free shipping.  And, I bought it now!  I knew I was going to be full of nervous energy on Saturday while I waited til it was time to go to the show, so I pulled it out and got started.  I converted the regular paper piecing to freezer paper and I replaced the solid black...what came with the kit was really thin.  I made the whole thing, including ditch quilting and had the border on when we left for the show.  I hand sewed the binding to the back on the drive up. 

It's supposed to say Happiness, so I plan to hang it at my desk, where I could use more Happiness.  But, for all I know, it might really say tomato soup.

This is the next block for the Have a Jolly Little Christmas sew along.  Lots of pieces.  It was a real challenge and I made it a couple weeks ago and am just getting around to posting it.  Life happens. 

And, a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee....

Speaking of Christmas, many of you have asked me about the pattern for this quilt.  This is a rather large applique quilt that I made a few years ago.  My mentor had made it from a kit and shared the patterns with me and we pulled fabrics from both our stashes to make my quilt.  Welllll, there's one available on ebay and it's for a really good price (I almost bought it).  The first block is started, but barely and you could either add to that or start again.  This is how it is listed.  Quilt kit block of the month Christmas applique quackertown quilts yuletide joy.  Sorry, but there's only the one and there's a half dozen people already looking at it, so good luck!!  (I have no affiliation with the seller and am only sharing a pattern I've not been able to share before)

I'm planning my next piecing project.  I don't quite know why.  I'm really committed to working on my UFOs but I guess deciding what to do with my collection of Asian fabrics and my one set of precuts (a jelly roll, a set of 5" squares and some yardage that Rob bought me years ago) IS working on my UFOs. 

I can't find an Asian inspired pattern I like.  I've found lots of elements of quilts I like, but nothing all put together.  And so many of them use a limited number of fabrics and I'd like to basically decimate my small stash and then maybe give away the scraps.  Move those fabrics on. 

My precuts are perfect for another wedding ring.  PERFECT!  Bright colors on a brown background.  But, I've done that, so I'm looking around at patterns specifically designed around precuts. 

Planning is a way of quilting at the office, right?    

Okay, I'm off to start that Linus quilt.  I'm fairly confident that it's not going to quilt itself. 



Rebecca Grace said...

I love your partridge in a pear tree block! And the other Christmas quilt is fabulous, too. I hope you enjoyed the show.

Winding Ways said...

The character is xing, which is better translated as "lucky" or "good fortune".

Anonymous said...

Your partridge is great. Mary