That's not right...

Don't you love it when you finish a quilt top and you're feeling all proud.  I was especially proud because this one took soooo long. 

And, then you look at it and say "That's not right." 

That's what happened on my Simply Delicious quilt. 

This was a kit, so I didn't pick the fabrics.  The fabrics in some of the blocks were...strange (think of the purple sweet pea), but they worked for the most part.  The ones they chose for the border have too much contrast.  The difference is too stark and it's distracting.  The tone of the fabric is different.  This needed a softer blue.  Or, some of those dark fabrics should have been called for in the 1" squares that sash the blocks together.  (I wish I'd thought of that earlier.  that would have been a very easy solution.) 

This is their quilt.  Sorry the pic is blurry.  It came from here where the patterns are available for purchase.  See how the fabrics chosen for their outer border are not so starkly different? They blend in with the quilt.  Mine don't blend.  They create something new.  And, it's not something I care for. 

For now, I'm trying to decide if I can live with it.  But, if it's any indication which direction I'm leaning, I've started cutting light/medium blue squares.  And, since 2.5" squares never go to waste, I'll find a place for that dark blue. 

Yesterday, we took the dogs to the vet for their teeth cleaning.  Vet has been a problem for us for a while.  Our original vet was wonderful.  We loved everybody there.  But, they don't take appointments.  For anything.  First come, first served.  After the second time we had to wait there for four hours to put a dog down, I decided I couldn't do that anymore.  I needed to be able to make an appointment.  So, I switched vets when my cat developed diabetes and was so sick.  Those folks were "not right".  We'd go in for supplies and we NEVER got the exact same thing twice.  (I bought 7 boxes of syringes from them.  The only time I ever got two just alike was when I bought them at the same time.)  And, the vet wouldn't listen.  I hate that.  I'm speaking for my pet who cannot speak.  The least you can do is listen to what I have to say.  I ended up finding the right insulin dosage through trial and error and observation.  He'd have still been telling me to come back in two weeks for more tests. 

Anyway, the dog's teeth were becoming a priority.  We just couldn't wait any longer.  So, we tried another vet.  And, we LOVED her.  She's about 15 years old (the older I get, the younger everybody else seems).  But, she's very thorough and knowledgeable.  And, she listened to what we said and she asked a boatload of questions about things we've observed and how the dogs deal with things.  She recognized that was important.  So, we scheduled the cleaning, which we knew would be expensive. 

I won't tell you how much it cost.  It didn't matter.  Lots of extra "catch-up" work had to be done to make up for not having a vet for so long.  Sydney's little dog Bella had the worst of it.  Poor thing lost several teeth.  Rob's beagle Mable had an easy time of it, but whined and complained and drove everybody crazy as though she were being tortured.  Everybody in the clinic commented on it. 


I am going to be trying to teach Bella to let me brush her teeth...or what's left of them.  I told them yesterday I'd try until I got bit.  And, everybody that heard me laughed out loud.  She's not going to like that. 

But, it's better than what I spent yesterday. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  Hug your pets.  They're worth it.  Most of the time. 



Robin said...

I'm happy you found a vet that you are happy with. Our dogs are like our kids we and make regular trips to see our local vet. I use a thin wet washcloth to rub our girls teeth with, gently while watching TV and petting them... very brief at first but now they don't seem to mind.

Ginney Camden said...

I think your quilt looks beautiful.