No, that really is too hot

The temperature was 106*F both weekend days. 

Whoa!  That's just too hot.  All the blinds and curtains are closed so it feels like we're living in a cave. 

On Saturday, I got a little quilting on the analogous green quilt.  And, we went to see our friend LD.  She is doing well and moving well.  That's always good.  We had lunch and talked needlepoint and had a nice visit.  And, when we got home, I sat in the sofa in the studio and didn't move much.  We didn't even go out for dinner.  We stayed in and had cold chicken salad sandwiches. 

On Sunday, I needed to water flower pots and knew I wasn't going to want to do it in the afternoon.  While I was out there, it was nice and cool and there was a breeze.  Next we went to the grocery and when we got back, it was already hot and steamy.  It's the humidity that makes it so miserable. 

I cooked dinners for all week before it got too hot out and did dishes.  But, after that, it was all about sitting still under an air conditioning vent.  But, it's supposed to be cooler this week...97.  Ninety-seven shouldn't be a break from the heat, right?  But that's how we think of it as here, now. 

But August starts tomorrow and after that, it's over. 

Say it three times. 

And, click your heels together.  Something.  Anything.  There's no place like October, there's no place like October...

I did get the analogous feathered star quilt finished yesterday. 

It took a couple hours to tear off the paper, but now it's done.  And, I realized I didn't leave any of these fabrics out for a binding.  And, they're so specific that I really wish I still had a piece of one of them.  Where did the rest of the fabrics go? 

A cute as the dickens pieced quilt back, that's where.  I wanted to use it up.  And, I did, darn it. 

I'll have to carry the quilt somewhere and show it off...uhm, I mean match a binding fabric to it. 

I'm pretty sure I saw one of the darker fabrics in JoAnn's the other day.  (he says hopefully)

My needlepoint got high praise from LD.  She has done a lot of needlepoint and I'm hoping she'll do some more.  Everybody needs something to look forward to, right?  (hint, hint)

Anyway, she especially complimented my tension.  She said many new needlepointers pull their stitches too tight, and I don't. 

As I was unrolling it, she was talking to Rob about tension distorting the canvas.  And, then we both pointed to the place my stitches were too tight and distorted the canvas.  But, she felt like I could block that out.  I'm about 65% done.  Maybe more.  Looking forward to a finish.

And, I'm thinking about the next quilt to pin baste.  What will it be???  (something to look forward to)

Everybody have a great Monday.  I hope something good happens to you. 

And, if it doesn't, pick something and decide to see it that way.



The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on completing the quilting on the green quilt. Best of luck finding an appropriate binding choice!!

Mari said...

That really is too hot! Love how the green quilt turned out. Perhaps a dark green binding to finish it off? Stay cool!

Gisela Suski said...

Love the needle point pattern you selected. Your quilting is tremendous.
I give you blue ribbons on all you work.

Becky said...

Keep cool!!! The green quilt is gorgeous!! Be careful out in the heat!

Love you!