Thinking on Thursday

Lots of crazy stuff going on in my world now. 

Harvey has taken a path through LA.  Irma is coming in from the African coast and where she lands seems to depend on which side of Cuba she comes in on.  And, there's other bad weather brewing in the gulf that has me watching the weather almost constantly.  New goal, always know at least as much as my boss.  Sometimes he and I know different things, but I always try to know as much as him.  It's embarrassing if I don't. 

Climate change is real, y'all!  Science is real.  Don't believe the lies.

Gotta love Sydney.  It's what keeps her alive.  She is determined that her having to cook one night a week is not a real thing because she doesn't want it to be.  Holy Cow!  I had to tell her Tuesday that she was cooking Wednesday, no excuses.  And, she did.  She even went to the store and bought what she was going to cook.  She cooked it and it was another delicious meal, tho much simpler than she has been making, which was fine with us.  I walked in the house and to the kitchen and dropped my lunchbox off.  She tensed up.  I said "Thank you" and went to change.  She relaxed and smiled.  She is so lucky to have stubborn parents.  Because it takes someone as stubborn as she is, or she'd run right over them. 

Hmmmm, somehow, I think that has a lot to do with her ending up with us after living with so many people that can't stand up for themselves.  We are both at least as stubborn as her.

Her latest excuse was that she didn't know her schedule.  What??  You know I went to the same community college you're going to, right?  I know you know your schedule. 

The council on biblical manhood and womanhood has decided that you can't be a Christian if you accept gay marriage.  (yes, I read the whole statement because I was so appalled I couldn't stop.  Then, I yawned.  bigot idiots.)  Thank goodness God isn't listening to them when he chooses who to love.

I know the message is pray and give, pray and give.  And, I'm going to say it again.  Pray for the folks dealing with Hurricane Harvey.  The evacuees, the volunteers, the officials...even the insurance adjusters (most of them are there to help you).  And, give what you can give to the relief effort.  Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes.  Make sure the helping hand is there when you need it.  Pay it forward.

Be well.  Have a good Thursday.  Every so often, I have to stop and cry when I read or watch some heroic heart touching story...or a funny reunion.  It doesn't take much to overwhelm me right now.  It proves I'm human

I kinda like being reminded sometimes. 



Anonymous said...

Thinking on Thursday. Good title. Sydney will thank you later for making her cook a meal. Many kids now don't know how to cook. It's a life skill everyone needs. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Lyndle said...

Great post lane. And good work on the parenting front too. Always great to read your words.

Dot said...

Sydney is so lucky to have you and Rob for parents. Probably the two of you have grown as people, parenting a demanding child. And the three of you set such a good example as a family that keeps working to make things better - two steps forward and one step back.....

Reading your blog would have been so reassuring when my children were growing up.