Didn't realize...

Did you ever have one of those blog days where it seems nothing goes right?  I was going to do a tissue paper marking tutorial, but that deserves more time than I can give it today, after my series of small errors.  Camera won't cooperate, photos not right, computer issues, nothing of any note, just a bunch of little things that ate up time. 

It was a very cleaning weekend around here.  I know most people clean in spring when they open their houses after winter.  But, we close our house in the summer and we open it up and clean in the fall.  I got a lot done...all the appliances and cabinet faces have been washed and I washed all the fingerprints off the doors we use most and scrubbed the foyer and scrubbed the shower with a brush.  Yep, a good start was made.  Let's see how much I get done before I run out of steam. 

I realized this weekend when I was straightening up in the sewing room that I have made all the blocks for the Have A Jolly Little Christmas BOM that I'm going to make.  She offered a couple more for us to choose from, but these are the 12 I chose for my quilt. 

I'm going to sash them with white and I have a paisley border that is greens and reds and was used to choose all the greens and reds I used here.  It's going to be wonderful.  I've just got to sit down now and finish it. 
And, that's why quilters shouldn't scrub the shower with a brush.  It takes too much time away from quilting.  Besides, what's the point of having a 19 year old if I'm doing all the hard work???
Everybody have a wonderful Monday.  I'm still sending good thoughts to Florida.  The news we saw was terrible. 


Anonymous said...

Love the quilt! isn't it nice to have everything clean.
Sometimes it is just better to do it yourself. lum

jane said...

I clean in the fall too, but just do not have the energy yet. You make me feel so guilty.