Where everybody knows your name...

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name.

Okay, so it's not really true.  Not everyone at guild knows my name.  And, I don't know theirs.  But, we have quilting in common...we know at least that one thing about one another.  Whether we've been quilting for 5 minutes or 55 years, we all have at least one thing in common.  And, I needed that connection.  Life has been a little disjointed lately and friends helped.  The invitation to sew with a group, the we've missed you, seeing a friend who's been very ill and has returned, and another whose husband was sick, the friend that took one of the classes I taught and has always stayed in contact who I see blossoming into an accomplished quilter.


I needed that. 

And, I introduced myself to a male quilter that has just joined.  Course, it was at that time that my brain went soft and jelly-like on me and I couldn't think of anything to say.  It was a very disjointed and awkward conversation.  But, I did tell him about my blog, so Brian, if you're reading this, wasn't the quilt last night wonderful?  What got you into quilting?  Did you enjoy your first class?  I promise, I am normally capable of conversation. 

The speaker last night was Nancy Prince.  She does thread paintings and her talk was on the creation of her quilt On This Winter Day. 

She had the background printed and layered and quilted.  Then she thread painted all the houses, buildings, animals, equipment and people and attached them.  It was a very interesting speech that said as much about who she is as it did about her quilt.  Seven years and two thousand hours and seven million stitches.  No wonder it's won so many awards, including 2014 Best of Show in Houston.

The Highland Lakes guild was at our meeting selling raffle tickets.  I don't usually buy raffle tickets because I never win.  But, I'd be proud to win this quilt. 

It was an original design by the guild and quilted  by a very talented local quilter.  It is truly a thing of beauty...and several of us had to check out the back, which showed off the quilting detail better. 

And, I took a baby bundle kit.  I really shouldn't do that.  They are always a challenge.  The group focuses on every baby should have a quilt.  I think that quilt should be pretty.  I see some not pretty quilts being donated.  I'm a snob and I know it and I'm not even ashamed.  So, I'll take this kit and add some of me to it and make a pretty quilt.  Because that's what I do. And, the challenge will be good for me.  When I opened the kit this morning, I thought "oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no".  But, then I decided to see the challenge of it.  So, I'm going to spread it out again and take a picture with my phone and look at it every so often during the week, and then see what I can come up with. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I'm trying to figure out when I can take some time off.  I was notified yesterday that I was about to be in a use it or lose it position.  I don't believe in losing it.  EVER.  I earned it.  It's mine. 

And, I can use it to quilt.



The Joyful Quilter said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your Guild meeting. I'm a little jealous that you got to see that quilt and hear about its making from the maker! Best of luck with that baby quilt "challenge". I often replace fabrics in the kit to add some personality to the resulting quilt. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Unknown said...

I saw that quilt at the Syracuse, NY quilt show. It was AMAZING!!!!! How nice that you got to hear about it's creation. Your quilts are always so nicely made & quilted, any baby would be thrilled to have it! Course they will only stare at it or throw up on it, but Mom will appreciate something you've done! Janine Baker

Donna McClure said...

I just found your blog today and have spent way too much time reading many, many posts. I love your approach to life and quilting. It makes me wonder, however, why you seem to have more hours in the day than I do. Even though my quilting is a bit more modern inspired, you are a breath of fresh air.
Donna McClure

Anonymous said...

You're singing to the choir today! Good luck with raffle and challenge. You're lucky to have a guild to go to. Nothing close in my area. Mary

Ginney Camden said...

I agree with you Lane, NEVER lose a day of vacation when you can use it to quilt! Looking forward to seeing the baby quilt after inspiration comes.