It's not always about me, Me, ME!

I thought today, I'd talk about other people.  You people.  Answer some questions.  Share some updates. 

Remember late last year, I gave away a kit I was not going to complete?  Well, Michelle won it and she has definitely worked on it.  How's this for some progress?

I asked Michelle about her process, and this is what she said. 
I’m using freezer paper on the back and starch. Then glue basting. I am using Reynolds brand or maybe Kroger brand freezer paper. I iron two layers together on low heat using my old thrift store iron. I go over it for at least 5 minutes for a 9 x 11 inch piece. I flip it over several times using my presser sheet. As I iron, the bubbles finally get ironed down. Someone on a blog mentioned that the bubbles happen because the paper is shrinking. And I use low heat so I don’t get wrinkles. 

I’m making bias for the stems. I found online someone else’s idea that’s pretty neat. I bought a clover 1/4 inch bias maker then pinched the end in close to get smaller bias. It comes out in a tri-fold. 

And as for fast no not so much. Just motivated. I just finished prepping block six today, Monday. I think I started it last Tuesday and worked on it every day since. I’m able to work on it for hours at a time. I think that’s about all I’ve done for a week. 

Way to go Michelle!!!  Hard work and diligence pay off, especially in applique.  I'm so glad you're making this.  It is a beautiful quilt and that kit needed to be made up.  Please keep us updated!
A while back, Mary asked if I really quilt every morning before work.  And, I either quilt or blog every morning.  Rob leaves for work at 5:45am.  So, he gets up around 4:15 and brings me my coffee at about 4:45.  I get into the studio about 5:10 and I sew or blog until 6:15.  Then, it's time for me to get ready for work.  I enjoy that time so much.  It's the perfect way to start my day. 
Do you ever have trouble joining the ends of your binding after you've sewn it all the way around?  Or was that just me?  I watched Alex Anderson do it years ago, and she had this kind of complex method of figuring out how long the to ends need to be and how to join them.  And, I've always done that.  And, usually, done it twice because the first attempt was either too long or too short.  Well, Cheryl is a member of my guild and we are talking about making a quilt together and she sent me a link to her website (http://quiltnaflash.com/) and I found a video tutorial to join the ends of the binding and it made so much sense that I just have to share it.  If you've ever had time estimating how long those two binding ends need to be or how to join them together, this video is for you! 
 Dot asked about the bib pattern.  These are the bibs I made. 
Here we all are sharing our bibs at guild the other night.  The lady next to me is wearing a bib...she made three and only had two hands, of course!
This is the pattern I received.  I think you should be able to blow it up big enough to get the instructions, but if not, let me know and I'll send you a pic with that blown up (be sure to give me an email address).  It's a really simple pattern.  If you're going to try to draw it, it's 11.5" long and 8.75" wide.

Everybody remember my diabetic cat?  Before she got diabetes, she was a very skittish cat.  Some people doubted her existence because she almost never came out when we had company.  Then, she got sick and it changed her.  Now, we have a routine.  Every morning, when I get up and pull my lounging clothes on, she walks over and head butts me on the right knee.  Always the right knee.  And, I scoop her into my lap and pet and stroke and rub her ears and scent glands for a few minutes, and then we go about our mornings.  It's a reminder every morning that at least one cat thinks I'm special. 
Have you got the picture now?  Rob brings me my coffee.  The cat pays me attention.  Getting my day off to a good start with a positive attitude takes a staff. 
Everybody have a great Thursday!  It's a new year and there are lots changes at work.  Some are good.  Some, less so.  But, I know change.  The one constant at the company I work for is change.  It's been that way for 35 years at least.  My boss is dreading the change.  I'm embracing it.  Now, who you think gonna be happier?


Rebecca Grace said...

I love it that you have morning "staff" to start your day! My day starts similarly, with husband and pet assistance. My dogs always snuggle and cuddle with me when my alarm goes off, and my husband turns on my espresso machine so it's ready to brew when I get downstairs. And one of my dogs, the one who is so suspicious and makes scary barking at other people, sings(howls) with me while I do my vocal warmups and then we go outside and throw a bunch of tennis balls around. And my husband cooks me breakfast almost every day. It's amazing that I ever have a bad day when it starts out with so much love and attention!

Michelle is doing a fantastic job with that applique kit. Glad you gave it to her!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful life! Thanks for sharing. Mary

Dot Wankat said...

Thanks for sharing the bib information - the shape and dimensions. It appeals to me that the bibs are turned and outline stitched instead of enclosed with bias binding. That much bias binding on one bib, let alone 20 is daunting....

Michelle's work on the applique blocks is lovely. That quilt will be a treasure.

And nice that you have "staff" to get your day going in the right direction, not forgetting your own attitude about embracing change. I learn best by example and you really are a good role model for living in the present and adapting.

Megan said...

Thank you to you and Michelle for sharing her pics. That kit went to a really good home! She's making a fabulous job of it.

Sydney, Australia

Tammy said...

Good Morning Lane and Happy New Year.
So delighted to read your positive outlook embracing change rather than resenting it. Bravo.. well done. I love your 9 patch bibs .. so quilty. Michelle did an excellent job on that appliqué. So the cat and Rob are giving you the attention you so richly deserve. The saying goes a dog treats its people like family, whereas the cat treats them like staff. Have a super duper Sunday. Love to you and yours always.