Today's post was supposed to be about how I made the new blocks and put them all together and had added two of the four rows to the red and green quilt. 

And, how you can hardly tell the difference in the blocks I made with new fabric and the ones that were remade from vintage fabric. 

(top row center)

But, this whole Conscience and Religious Freedom Division being created in our federal government has me in kind of a snit. 

WTF??  (okay, maybe more than a snit.)

I'm really angry at what I see as a small minority of Americans being allowed to speak with a bigger voice than they actually have because people are afraid of impinging on their right to religious freedom.  Especially because what that small minority is asking for is the right to impinge on the rights of some of us to not be afraid to just be here and be seen.

And, don't tell me I'm over reacting because I've been here before...I'm old enough to remember this music.  And, avalanches begin with small shifts in the sand. 

And, it's time to stop that shifting before it can get started good.

What makes these people think they are more important than other minority groups?  What makes them think their right is more important than anybody else's?  What makes them think that because they accepted a job with an employer that offers services that they think are objectionable, they should get to change the employer?  Or tailor their jobs to suit them?  I don't know about you, but changing the world to make it adapt to me hasn't really worked all that well.  I've been much more successful at adapting to the way things are, including the fact that this crazy fringe group exists that would have me eliminated if they could (or go into hiding if I would). 

What I'm waiting for is a Muslim nurse who objects on religious grounds to taking care of an obese, pork eating evangelical.  That's gonna be a sweet day.

I worried that I'd make someone mad by expressing my opinions.  And, I tried to be very careful with my wording to make sure I didn't accidentally lump my good Christian friends in with the crazies because I know that those two are very distinctly different groups.  But, there's one thing I just can't walk away without saying.  I was raised in a very religious household.  I learned the Bible.  If you're using the biblical teachings of God as your religious roadmap and you think you're not supposed to help those in need no matter what they look like or what their need is, then you're reading your Bible wrong.  Try turning it rightside up and reading the whole thing and see if that doesn't make you a happier person.  Or, maybe the problem is your Bible isn't open.  That makes it especially hard to read. 

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  1st Corinthians 13:13.

Somehow, that seems to say it all, right? 




Connie Turner said...

Thanks for this post and I agree with you. We have no right to impose our beliefs on others and those who want to do are wrong. Christianity is supposed to be about love and forgiveness, the fringe groups don't seem to know that.

Mari said...

Oh, Lane, I'm sorry for whatever happened! Or is it just the general mood now? In the end, there are more good people than bigots, and the good will always prevail. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it's better now than it was 10 years ago, and will be better still 10 years from now. Just keep on keeping on! (Also, the quilt at the top looks lovely.)

PattiLynn said...

I have not heard of the Division you speak about?!?
I like your quilt! Looks good!

Anonymous said...

I'm like PattiLynn, haven't heard of this. Proud of you for remembering what you were taught growing up.
Cannot tell the difference in the fabrics. Love the quilt. lum

Lane said...

Here’s a link to the news story about this if anyone is interested. At least I hope that’s where it takes you. If not, just key ‘Conscience and religious freedom division’ into your browser. Be well! Lane


Leslie Frost said...

You are right to be mad — this idea is terrible! It all started with opposition to Obamacare and its contraception coverage requirement, then there was the Hobby Lobby case, and now this nonsense.

Rebecca Grace said...


Megan said...

Lane - I'm a tad older than you and I still haven't given up trying to get the rest of the world to adapt to suit me. What can I say? I'm stubborn! That said, I have become much much much better at mooching along and fitting in with others. LOL

As an atheist I am very intolerant of anyone trying to impose their religious beliefs on me or others.

Sydney, Australia

jane said...

I agree totally with you! It used to be that my religion freedom stopped where your (and everybody else's) nose began. Now, I am supposed to obey everyone else's religion!! And they have really stupid ideas about what their religion is. Jesus never said to starve little kids because you didn't like their parents or their parents' religion!

Sharlene said...

This legislation is balancing on a slippery slope. Not that we don't have some significant issues but it's laws like this that make me glad I live in Canada where the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms trump many other laws. I feel your frustration.

Dot Wankat said...

Under the weather and slow to comment, but yes, the world can use more love and compassion for others.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how to put this, but if you disagree with what is asked of you at your job, you have a choice to work somewhere else. Individuals shouldn't expect their employers to bend to their wishes or beliefs. Don't apply for a job if you're not willing to perform the duties expected of you.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lane! Your quilt looks great. Mary

Becky said...

One thing I know...

I love you to pieces!!


Angie said...

Went googling for information on using freezer paper to foundation piece and came across your blog. You, sir, are a treasure. 'Nuff said.

Be well,