The Great Cleveland Shop Hop

Fly, fly, fly, drive, drive, drop my co-workers off at the hotel and the Great Cleveland Shop Hop began. Goal: Find a pattern and get the fabrics I'll need to make it while here in Cleveland. Buy half yard pieces.

Every story needs some tension to make it interesting. Quilt shops close at 5 and 5:30, with one shop open until 8. I didn't drop the guys off until 4:00.

Shop 1: Quilts and Sew Forth in Mentor OH, a nearby suburb of Cleveland. The owner there was very, very nice and the store is in an old house and it is packed to the gills with fabrics. She advertises thousands of bolts and I believe it. I didn't find a pattern there, but I did find two great greens and a pack of beautiful brown fat quarters. They suggest that instead of the other stores on my list, I go further north.

Shop 2: Cottonpicker's quilt shop in Madison, OH. This is a small storefront shop, but she has lots of great fabrics. Here, I find my pattern. She's made it and it's hanging on the wall. When I ask if she has the pattern, she says yes, but points out that she made a mistake, which is what made the quilt come out the way it did, so she talks me through her mistake so I can make sure and make the same one (;-))Lots of background and 60*, six pointed stars. I picked up a half yard of a green with tiny red flowers in it and another green with larger red flowers that have gold centers and the pattern.

By this time, it's getting pretty late, but there's a sewing machine dealer where I can get a Bernina quilting foot. But, I took the wrong lane and couldn't exit. By the time I could turn around and get back, I'd driven past a really bad accident, so that was out. I'd never have gotten back there by 5:30.

Then, I drive all the way back across Cleveland to get to Quilter's Source in Parma, OH. It's the shop that's open until 8. Here, I got a great red and a gold. I also got an off white batik to go with a quilt Rob has requested and a Moda pack of 5" squares (sorry, I don't know what those are called) to use in a baby quilt I need to make.

All in all, a great trip so far. After sitting in traffic for what seemed forever, I finally got back to the hotel and have had a sandwich and have just realized how tired I am. So, time for some resting to get ready for the work that actually brought me to Cleveland in the first place. But, so far, I have to say it's my most fun trip to Cleveland ever! Now, I'm going to sit and baste some hexagons until I drift off to sleep.

Y'all take care and have a great couple of days. I don't know how much time I'll have to get back online but I'll let you know how the rest of the trip goes. Lane


Becky said...

Whoa!!! You really had a jam-packed day! The fabric sounds great....can't wait to see it. Have fun.....safe travels.

Coloradolady said...

What a fun trip....darn it for work tommorrow...can you just imagine all the fun you could have if work was not in the plans? I am so glad you got to visit some quilt shops...hopefully you can squeeze in a few more!

Shirley said...

You've been busy. Isn't it fun to visit stores in other places? I find the similarities as fascinating as the differences. What a great shop owner to share how to make a mistake on that quilt *LOL* Don't work too hard.