The season of distractions

Are you distracted? I certainly am.

I have a pile of holiday gifts to wrap. I have another pile to buy and then wrap.

I am making gift bags for some little gifts. Something simple, cut with a rotary cutter and serged.

I need to make some fudge.

I need to find a ham.

But, I keep working on that Roll, Roll Cotton Boll mystery from Bonnie Hunter. I finally finished step 3 yesterday morning, except I have 10 more blocks I need to take the paper from and trim to square. While I was cutting a few strips of neutral for step 3, I cut the neutral strips for step 4 and this morning, I cut 20 pair of green strips and got the first...oh, about 15 neutral and green bricks sewn together before I had to walk away to shower.

I love a mystery. Some of my favorite movies are the half dozen Thin Man mysteries with Myrna Loy and William Powell. Even though I have them memorized, I still like pretending I don't know what's going to happen. I love Agatha Christie mysteries, too; I'm a big Miss Marple fan. I enjoy a good Sherlock, especially Basil Rathbone's interpretation.

So, throw two of my favorite pass-times together, quilting and mysteries, and I'm happy as a big ole pig in sunshine.

I'm thinking that over the holiday break, when I'm home with the Syglet, bored because all she wants to do is play her new video games, I might quilt a holiday quilt I pieced a couple of years ago. I found the quilting motifs in a coloring book a couple of months ago when the holidays were far away and I wasn't in the mood to think about them.

See how easy it is to get distracted? I need to find more giftwrap.

When can I get to Target? Oh, sorry, that's Friday and Bonnie will release the next step. I'll be busy that day.

So, every once in a while, I mention a blog that I'm enjoying. I found this blog by this guy that makes clothes. He lives in New York City and, well, he inspired me to buy a couple of clothing patterns. Sewing clothing will never compete with quilting, but I think I'd enjoy the novelty of making a pair of jeans, and I have bolts of denim that I've been saving to make picnic quilts to sell and we see how far that's gotten. Anyway, his name is Peter and he is at Male Pattern Boldness. He is a very funny and enjoyable read. Oh, and he's making a men's coat right now and I am just fascinated with the construction.



Elizabeth said...

I never had much luck with making jeans (but I LOVE to make dresses!). Patterns say they are for a certain size, but they are really bigger than they say, so I suggest you make a muslin pair for sizing before you commit to denim.

Also, there is so much to do at this time of year that I'm totally distracted (and a little overwhelmed). So instead of doing what I should be doing, I'm browsing blogs. Thanks for the new reading material ;).

xo -El

Pauline said...

You amaze me!