There was never a better string of letters in the alphabet. WFH stands for work from home. Today, I am WFH.

Work from home days are always busy for me because I never want my boss to think I abuse them and not want me to take them. But, I planned a special set of activities today that would leave free time to play. I'm letting the computer do all the work as I pull data from our many data sources. I am being very productive getting my hands on it and then summarizing it.

But, I'm also burning episodes of Quilt in a Day to disk. I had 31 this morning and between the duplicates I had already burned and the ones I've been able to burn today, I have that down to 15. And, I got my apron finished, including getting the pockets on. I made the pockets during the time I would have been driving to the office this morning.

But, there is a down side to every day. I had a cleaning at the dentist. That's always unpleasant at best. I mean, it's not like I get to show my good side...well, except for those compliments because I DO floss each and every day.

Okay, so I'm back to work. This little break has been nice. Just a minute to read some blogs. But, I'm sure my last data request has either bombed or finished by now, so back to it.



Irene Onderweegs said...

quilt in a day: you'll never make it with bonnie's mysteries ;^}
nice about dentists are the tooth fairies that will visit you when you have a tooth extracted, even as an adult! i know for sure LOL

happy sewing / working,
iren efrom amsterdam

Elizabeth said...

Wish I could work from home too . . . Lane, you are amazing with getting so much done all the time. Hope your day was lovely (aside from the dentist visit).

xo -El