Let the holidays begin

Well, we’re back, happy campers. 

We had the usual abundance of yummy, bad-for-you food on Thanksgiving,


including Sydney’s napkin art…


which she takes very seriously.

And, as soon as all the dishes were washed and put away, we started prep for the next holiday.  Rob pulled down all the tubs while Syd and I did dishes, but he knows not to bring any of it in until Thanksgiving is finished.

And Friday, it started.  While Rob put up his Christmas village, I did the swag in the living room ceiling.


Normal people would leave it at that, right?  But, not us. We cover it with a collection of red ornaments.

After the first hour on the ladder.


And at the second hour.  At this point, I felt hopeless, like it would never end.  I needed a pie break.


After the third hour, I start to feel hopeful again.


But, I needed different shoes to keep standing on that ladder.  By the last section, I’m relieved, and can start dreading New Year’s when I get to take it all down again.


There are more than 300 red ornaments on that string of garland.  And, every one has to be wired to a branch to make sure it doesn’t fall off, hit the fan, and fly across the room at someone.  It’s happened before.


But, all in all, it’s worth it.  It’s my decorating contribution.  After this, it was back to the sewing room sweatshop.  How many of us are staring down the barrel of a very short deadline to finish more than three quilts?  I somehow bet I am not the only one.

Be well.  Have a great Cyber Monday.  I won’t be participating.  That just doesn’t reflect how we shop.  For example, this year, Sydney has been challenged with a very difficult cake for my Cmas gift.  I saw it on a magazine and asked for it.  I think we’re going to focus on the less material side of the holiday this year.  At least I’m trying to.



lw said...

What is the garland supported by? It is so beautiful, but it looks heavy.

Sydney's napkin art "is the difference between eating and dining." I think that's from Martha Stewart.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I put up a small feather tree this year and now I know what to do with the rest of the ornaments. Great idea with the garland. My goal is to finish things I started and not shop.

Mary said...

Three! I could be so lucky. I have five promised for Dec. And look here it is DECEMBER! Sewing the binding down on one, basting the second today, still piecing three and four, five is yet to be cut. I will be hairless for pulling it soon. So I've cut Celtic and am using it as leaders and enders. Love your decorating and that you wait for Thanksgiving to end.

Marei said...

I'm behind, too, Lane. I've got 4 quilts that HAVE to get done and at least 2 more that I would like to complete (but I don't think they're going to happen).....plus I'm working on Bonnie's mystery! Sydney's napkin art is quite delightful. I really enjoy fancy folded napkins but don't do it myself. And I love your garland with all the red ornaments. That's a very neat idea. Thankfully I'm not the one who will have to take them all down, dust them and repack them. :)

Becky said...

Dinner looks yummy! I love Sydney's napkin art....she did a beautiful job! The garland is spectacular, too! Have a great week.....

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, Lane -- we must be kindred spirits! We have the exact same ritual of Thanksgiving followed by DECORATING Friday at my house, and by Friday afternoon I was buried in a sea of boxes and half-decorated trees, feeling discouraged myself. So I went upstairs to the sewing room -- if I can't see the boxes or the mess, they don't really exist! :-)

I LOVE your garland swags with ornaments. Couldn't you wire the ornaments in place first, and THEN hang it up? Also, who says the decorations must come down on New Year's? I leave ours up until Epiphany (January 6th) when the Wise Men come. That gives me one more week. And shamefully, there have been years when I have not been sufficiently motivated to take things down on January sixth and the Christmas season has lingered in our home until Valentine's Day... :-)

Maybe TODAY I will finish decorating the bird tree -- or maybe I'll go hide in the sewing room again and see if the tree might decorate itself?

Oh, and loved Sydney's napkin art. I remember doing that for our Thanksgiving table setting when I was about her age, following the napkin folding directions from the back of a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. Syd's napkins came out much better than mine ever did!

Kath said...

very nice Miss Sydney, very stylish!

Elizabeth said...

This year we're focusing more on making memories than on collecting a bunch of stuff. We're spreading it out over the month. Our first "gift" of the season is tonight -- a Ryan Shupe Christmas concert. I hope the kids enjoy it, b/c while they will have a few things to open on Christmas day, it's not going to be a gigantic pile. I want to take them places and do things with them and have things to remember when they're grown and out of the house.

Wow, Sydney's napkin art is amazing. I can see the precision there. Were you allowed to use them?

Three hours on a ladder hanging ornaments . . . just a suggestion . . . what if you wired them on before you put it up? At least you could sit and watch TV while you do it?

Beautiful decorations and you should re-show that pretty Christmas quilt in the background. I'm sure the newbies around here would love to see it and those of us who've been hanging around for a while wouldn't mind the repeat at all. It's a beautiful quilt.

xo -E

Nancy said...

Oh Lane, that garland is amazing and wnile lovely on its own, it is magnificent with the ornaments.