Too much to do

This was the last weekend before Christmas for us.  We won’t be together next weekend.  We tried to cram in all the stuff we could, including cleaning house and chores and finishing up some Christmas shopping. 

The performing arts classes at Syd’s school had their presentation on Friday.  It was fun.  We enjoyed most of it.  The drama classes acted out carols and the steel band was fantastic as were the guitar classes.  Syd’s choir is kind of weak, but they were there and they were singing.  Somehow, it got to be uncool for guys to sing.  We also enjoyed the dance classes. 

Then Saturday, we did shopping and the choir did caroling at  Sam’s.  That was nice too and gave us a chance to leave her there and go back for some things she’d fondled earlier.

At home, it’s house work and cooking, including a huge pot of chili to freeze for Rob to eat next weekend.  And, between all that, I quilted. 

I’m 95% done with the quilting in this quilt and my machine has started to make a squeak.  I took off the end plate and can’t find it.  Next, I’ll try the bobbin area.  This is the machine I want to take to thread painting, so it is NOT a good time for a sound.


Everybody have a great Monday.  Sydney has a presentation board on Dante’s Inferno and wants a ride to school, so I need to leave extra early. 


lw said...

I like that quilt, it has a comforting, scrappy look.

Squeaking? Maybe something you forgot to oil? Hope it's easy to find.

Dante's Inferno? How'd they get that past the atheists? I hope they're using Dorothy Sayers translation, it's my favorite.

Elizabeth said...

Ha, ha! LW has a point ;).

Too much to do here too and not enough time. I think we should do Christmas every other year.

Lovely quilt! Hope you get everything done you want to.

xo -E