Baby quilt

I decided this weekend was a good time to start that baby quilt.  Give myself plenty of time.  So, I pulled out my pattern book early Saturday morning and I found this very cute pink and brown Birds in the Air quilt from QUILT magazine.


Perfect.  So, I went looking for a pink and brown fabric and I found two.  This is going good.  I separate them, and sandwiched between is a brown with blue and turquoise and white and green.  Much more modern and reminds me of the Mom and the colors she wears.  There are missing blocks below.  Their birds were pieced, but waiting to see what color tails. 

There were a half dozen layouts in the magazine.  This is the one from the featured quilt.  (1)


Here’s one that looks like ocean waves (2)


And, there was this one. (3)


That I kept tweaking. (4)


Until I got this. (5)


So, tell me what you think.  1 thru 5.  Which one do you like best? 

Have a great Monday, everybody.  Celebrate Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr on this day, even if it’s just reading an article and learning something about his amazing life.



Anonymous said...

Love #5! Great color combination.
Did you get my recent email?

lw said...

Lane-- numbers 1 and 2 are more calming due to the symmetry, so they're my favorite for a baby quilt. I think your color choices are just right for a modern quilt.

Kay said...

I really like No.5. Love the quilt and the colors!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous colours, can't wait to see the finished quilt.
It's No.3 for me....

lindaroo said...

I like #1 and #3. #1 is sweet, #3 is smart. Which do you think suits the mom?

Maureen in Portland said...

I like #3! This will be a nice quilt, whichever way you set it, Lane.

Marei said...

I'd pick #5 . I love the flow of the solid chevrons then the birds. Beautiful colors BTW.

Michelle said...

Two is my favorite, but I like one also.

Sally Langston Warren said...

One is my favorite. Really, they are all beautiful and interesting. Bet these comments don't help you one bit!:) One is still my favorite though.

Tammy said...

Hi Lane, All the lay outs are lovely. I pick number 5.

Rebecca Grace said...

How did I miss this yesterday? I love "voting!" I like #1 the best because it's for a baby, and that layout looks soft and restful. The others feel busier and more high-energy to me, and chevrons have gotten too trendy lately and I'm tired of them. But they are all lovely and in the end, it's your choice. Unless it's my choice, and in that case, I pick Layout #1. :-)

Carla said...

I like them all but there's something about #3 that draws my attention but #5 works too... Oh the decisions.