Because I don’t like it

All it took to convince Rob was to tell him this could go from an okay quilt to a great quilt, with just a little extra work.

But, he still asked “can you do that?”

And, I said “I think I can.”

And, he said “then I’m sure you will be able to.”


Ever since I started playing with this quilt again, that scrappy border has bothered me.  It just didn’t fit.  Too many colors, too many patterns, too many styles and designs and themes, and too dark and heavy…the quilt wasn’t scrappy enough to support that little bit of scrappiness. 


I knew I was onto something when I liked the batting better than the row that had been there. 

It’s been removed and I’m going to re-piece it and put it back in again.  There was too much quilting done by the time I got the nerve for me to pull it all out.  I’ll piece the square and then whipstitch it in, quicker than making something else. 

This is for one of Rob’s friends.  Someone I don’t know.  Her first baby got a great quilt and I’d like to give her a nicer one than this was shaping up to be for baby number two. 

I was going to piece the same pattern of large blocks and snowballs, using fabrics that matched the colors in the narrow, striped, separating borders, but now that I see it plain, I think it gives a great place to rest, so the replacement will be something less busy…more plain. 

Babies don’t wait for quilters to re-do. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  We are replacing the television in my studio this weekend with a model that will hang from the wall.  That will free up a lot of room in my space.  It’s one of those weird things…I’m going to love it, but I’m really dreading all the work.  We haven’t moved anything in that corner for years.  I can only imagine the lint and dust we’re going to find. 

Lint and dust are part of quilting.  It can’t be helped…unless you spend as much time cleaning as you do quilting.

Yeah, right.



http://thankfullga447 said...

I just love the energy you have.

lw said...

Rather than piece another border, you could use a coordinating print with something cute in it-- birds or puppies or something, that has a lot open space. The reason I say this is that as soon as I saw it with the batting showing through, I thought of a bird print I have, with the same colors plus pops of blues and greens that would look really good there.

Maybe the fact that I can't tolerate a mess and spend too much time cleaning is why I'm not as productive or anywhere near as good at FMQ as you. All my early training is shooting me in the foot. I wonder if hypnosis would help?

Marei said...

Cleaning? Am I supposed to be cleaning??? I think quilt for baby #2 is going to look great. Taking out that scrappy border was a brilliant idea.

Kath said...

Oh I agree 100% Lane, the plain off-white looks so much better and you just gave me an idea for a "liberated medallion" quilt that I was stuck on. I find it SO hard to do "liberated" it just seems to look unplanned and messy.
I think your new plan will make this quilt a great success and I am keen to see what you do.How lovely that Rob has that unshakeable faith in you.

Rebecca Grace said...

Hmmm. Going back to rip something out of your quilt top when you're in the middle of quilting it is HARD CORE, Lane! I'm making a baby quilt right now, too, and I just got the top sashed and assembled last week but I did not do a fantastic job with the sashing (now that I think of it, this may be my first quilt with sashing?) and I do not have straight edges any more. I'm debating whether I can just straight the edges with the rotary cutter and move on to the borders, or whether I need to undo all the outer sashing strips and fix them. Which assumes that I am capable of doing a better job, which I strongly suspect I might NOT be... Good for you, stopping and changing that border. I agree, the scrappy border wasn't helping anything. So, what fabric did you replace the border with? A solid white or off white like in your checked borders?