Let the village kick in...

Oh, raising a teenager is so much fun...

She had her first issue at work.  She can't work weekdays during school until she proves that she can keep up with her school work.  And, this week school started.  And, they scheduled her to work last night. 

We told her and told her she needed to take care of it.  But, it just wasn't happening.  And, we could have just kept on trying to get her to take care of business.  But, then I remembered that her manager hires high school kids all the time.  They know what they are getting into.  Let them take care of this part of raising the teenager.  Let that part of the village kick in.

And, Rob bought in.  So, that's what we did.  I can't even tell you how she resolved it.  I didn't ask, and she never told. 

More and more we need to do that; use the resources that are available.  We do not have to teach her everything.  We just have to teach her to learn.  And create an environment where she can make mistakes. 

I did lots of sewing this weekend.  There was the feathered star block with the gold band in it.  And, when I was cleaning the sewing room, I found this little UFO.  This is the last small quilt made from a set of fabrics I bought at a quilt show.  I decided to use up every scrap, making smaller and smaller quilts as I went.  And, this was the last little bits.  The squares finish at one inch. 

Rob took it to work to sit on his desk, and I swear, it is squarer than it looks.  Just maybe not quite flat...

I also prepped all the pieces for another applique block from the Simply Delicious quilt.  This link includes a pic of the quilt.  I've been working on the quilt for several years.  It is very intensive applique. I have three blocks undone, including the one I just prepped.  It is the black currants block, which is the upper left block in the pictured quilt.  52 pieces.  And, I am putting on piece 7 now. 

So, more handwork.  Hand quilting.  Hand applique.  I love having hand work.

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I finally have a boss.  The company was reorganized on Friday, and I still have a job.  And, my temporary boss called yesterday to reassure me that I am a top performer and my job is in no danger. 

Buddy, don't you believe it.  As far as I can tell, the only jobs that aren't in danger are crooked politicians.  Seems the more wrong they do, the more sure they are of getting to continue to do it.

Well, I managed to get a brag and a rant into the same post. Hmmm. My work here is done. 



http://thankfullga447 said...

Have a great day and you get so much done all the time and you work full time. Love your UFO projects. I am glad you got a compliment, corporations forget that sometimes.

lw said...

I love the way that the binding actually makes the look of the small quilt. Just that little bit of "wow!" Very cool.

My mom made us quit our jobs when school started, so we only worked over the summer, but I had plenty of friends who worked all year long. In my case it was because Mom figured that if I won a scholarship, it would be worth more than I could earn part time. She was right.

If your work is anything like your quilting, they'd be crazy to let you go.

Carla said...

Congrats for the pat on the back for a good job at work and with the teenager.
Win Win. ;o)