The gift for the one month anniversary...

Must be things going wrong.

Our one month anniversary was August 4. 

That night, I got up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and when I got to the kitchen, I stepped into a puddle.  Oh, not a bad puddle.  Sydney had found it first and put a towel in the kitchen cabinet and another on the floor.  Both of which were soaked.  I don't know why she didn't wake me up.  She doesn't either apparently.  At least she can't verbalize it.  Anyway, the water filter had developed a leak.  So, the next day, I went to the hardware store and picked up a new one and installed it.

Just as I finished, Rob said, there's no ice.  The icemaker had stopped making ice.  Not fixed yet.  You'll know why in a minute.  We're buying bags of ice.

Then, Saturday night, when Rob and I got home from having dinner at the restaurant that Sydney is working at, we walked in and Rob said, it's warm in here.  And, the air conditioning was out.  And, it was 103* out. 


So, Rob called the a/c repairman that does all the work at his office and asked what we should do.  That guy came to our house on Saturday night to try to repair it.  Wasn't that nice?  This guy doesn't even do residential repair, only commercial.  It's nice to know nice people who are willing to help you out in a crisis.

He couldn't fix it, but he loaned us a portable air conditioner that is supposed to cool one room.  Thank GOODNESS!  It's a-freaking 103* out.  Did I mention that? 

It cools the living room, where Sydney is sleeping, and our bedroom.  Which is great!  More than you'd expect it to do . 

We all had to do water changes in our aquariums to take out the warm water and replace it with cooler water from the tap.  And, we've been drinking copious amounts of ice water.  And, we're taking lots of cold showers.  But without air conditioning, the showers are starting to mildew... small price to pay!

But, the portable is working so hard that it fried a breaker.  So, Rob had to go out and replace a breaker in our breaker box, with me standing there with a wood handled broom so I could knock him down if he got shocked (just like my Dad taught me to), repeatedly cautioning him to be careful.  And, when he accidentally removed the wrong breaker and put it back in again,  I said "wasn't that a hot wire?". And, he looked at the master switch and then looked at me and said very seriously "yes, it was" and we laughed.  He was very cautious and practiced the same level of caution when he replaced the right one, except this time we remembered to turn off the master.

So, tomorrow, I leave for Cleveland, leaving the family waiting for  the a/c repairman. 

Oh, well.

It will be repaired before I get back. 

I shudder to think of what this portable a/c is costing me to keep these rooms cool.

Sydney has had her first week of work.  She liked it, except she sure did whine and complain last night about having to go in.  But, that's the life of the career girl, right? 

And, something weird, when she gets off work, she's till in the spirit of being cheerful and happy and talkative at work.  So, for about three minutes, before the WiFi can kick in on her phone, she actually tells me about her day. 

It's like a Culver's miracle. 

My work is still crazy.  No boss yet.  The big boss told me the other day that it might be end of the month. 

That's a long time to float without direction.

Everybody have a great week.  Not sure when I'll get time to blog again.  I'm still just hand quilting, so in a week, I can barely finish enough to show off. 

See ya'



Becky said...

Good gravy! When it rains it pours, doesn't it??!! Have a safe trip, and hope the a/c is fixed sooner than later!
Love ya!

lw said...

Yikes-- that's a lot all at once. When we moved in here, the inspection showed that the air conditioner was working, but when we moved it, it wasn't; we had nearly two weeks without it in 100 deg plus humidity-- while we were moving in. So I feel your pain.

Sydney is learning important things at work that no classes can teach; glad she hung in there to get the job.

Mary said...

It almost seems like a domino chain reaction, one thing leads to another and then another. They aren't even connected but just cascading down. I wish you well with the A/C woes. We've hardly even needed ours this year. Maybe one week of the summer. But freaking 103 , really !

Unknown said...

103 degrees? Ouch. That is hot. That portable AC was a lifesaver, eh? It was really nice of the repairman to lend you the portable AC for that weekend, so that you could get through that terrible heat. Anyway, I hope that your AC problems were fixed soon after. Good day!

Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling

Susan Entwistle said...

Thanks for the laugh about standing there with the wooden broom handle. :)

Carla said...

Domino affect. When one thing goes wrong it all goes one.. Hope all is up and running as I read this post.

Maybe you don't need a boss. Maybe you should be the boss maybe