Quilting binge

On Saturday, we went to the Austin Area Quilt Guild show.  Oh, my.  So many beautiful quilts to see.  And, so much inspiration!

For some examples, This is the guild's raffle quilt. 

And, this was best in show.  So, you get an idea of the talent of the guild. 

Personal favorites.  You know how much I love whole cloth work. 
This guy traced the pattern for another quilt that I think he also entered onto this piece of silk and quilted the pattern here. 
Full sized, hand quilted whole cloth.  Yummm!!
And, you know I love a miniature. 

I think the strips were a quarter inch wide on this one.  It was made by a lady I worked on the raffle quilt with.  She did a fantastic job and had several quilts in the show. 

This is little psycho.  there was a larger version of it in the show.  These strips were absurdly (and fabulously) narrow. 

I'll show more later.  I haven't even been through all the pictures yet. 
I did pretty good in the vendor mall.  I took a certain amount of cash and knew that was all I had. 
Other than a credit card.
I bought two older kits for a few dollars each and a shopping bag and some random pieces of fabric and a ruler.  Not so much. 
But, I was so inspired I came home and started one of the kits...well, not right away.  I made myself work on a couple things I had already started first.  But, almost right away.  And, I got the whole center together.  I'm working on a piano key border from the scraps, now.  More later about that.  It's my first piano key. 
And, this is my leader/ender that I've been working on.  I'm assembling it now.  It's made from scraps from the DWR quilt.  I'd love to go one more round.  Then, it could be a triple nine patch, but I'm about out of white fabric.  I don't know if I made up the name triple nine patch or not.  Probably not.  But, it would be a nine block quilt made out of nine double nine patches, where the coloring made the nine blocks into a nine patch.  We will see.  I need to do some serious counting and measuring before I try that. 
Everybody have a great Monday.  The start to a great week, I hope!  I wonder if I have time to sew a few minutes.
Sew.  Work out.  Sew.  Work out.  A real quilter's dilemma.  What should I do?


Vesuviusmama said...

What amazing quilts! I particularly love that diamond log cabin mini. And if the choice is sew or workout, sew wins every time!

Anonymous said...

Now..did I spot a marriage ring showing off that miniature quilt? Nice! As far as quilts go, I know my limitations: I don't have the ability ( or patience) to get a good result? I will stick with the endless possibilities of straight lines and squares... But you have tempted me with the double wedding ring quilt!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! Thanks for a tour of that quilt show. FABULOUS photos!!