Second time's the charm

The post title today is about this little quilt. 

This is that kit I bought at the quilt show last weekend and am giving it a second chance.  I'm really loving it.  It's a Keepsake Quilting kit from the about 2005.  I'm dating it there because I bought another kit from them about that time that used the same fabric line. 

This is the pattern.  As you can see, I don't follow directions very good.  I wanted to use up as much of the kit as I could, so I made more blocks.  And, I changed the outer border, and I don't plan to do the prairie points.  What they gave me for an outer border is enough for the back and what they gave me for the prairie points, I'll use in something else. 

When I was building the piano key, I very carefully planned the corners.  Then, I went to miter the first one and realized that was a BUST!

I had planned to match darks and lights in the miter and that turned out to be a distraction. 

But, when I did dark to dark and light to light, it formed a square in the miter. 

Much better.

Well, today is purple hair day.  Are you excited?  Sydney is so excited she may wet herself before she gets to the salon.  Like, aquiver excited. 

Her dads...less so.

We'll let you know how it turns out.  We've been real troopers, tho.  Handling it all just like the textbook says.  Which is basically, "don't freak out, it's only hair."

Everybody have a great Friday!!!



Donna said...

Good eye in changing up the prairie points with the piano keys and mitered corners! Good luck with the hair! I hope you will post a picture of it from the back. I am sure it will not be that ghastly! Have a great weekend!

Kathleen said...

i find this hair thing amazingly interesting. I always thought the purple hair was a rebellion, and that in order to rebel, one could not ask permission - just show up at breakfast one day with purple !!!

this is somehow amazingly sweet - permission to rebel.. awww

lkhomework said...

Right away I noticed the lovely mitered corners in the first photo, they're very neat! I agree with the previous comment, it's very sweet that S. is soliciting your approval! You're right, it's just hair, and she will surely learn something from how people respond.

Becky said...

The quilt looks great!

Can't wait to see the purple!
You and Rob are doing a great job of "non-interference"! Hahaha!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Just hope that the colour washes out a bit pale after a week or two. With any luck, S. will realise that the endless trips to a hairdresser to keep up that kind of hairstyle costs money. I hope she is careful with her hard-earned cash and will give that nonsense up soon.
I can't believe that you can just 'rustle up' a quilt so quickly. I fuss about endlessly worrying about colour choice. I need to watch less TV and just get a move on!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good luck with the purple hair! I have a (grown) friend who has had bits of her hair purple, green, pink, and blue (at various times.) I don't see the attraction, but... it's only hair! LOL

I felt that "... it's only hair" thing when my boys grew their hair out. It was well past their shoulders and people kept mistaking them for girls. Eventually, the oldest had his hair cut off and little brother followed close behind. Thank goodness... now if I could only get him to shave his hairy face more frequently!! (Can you tell I like the clean-cut type?)