Painting done

I would love to write a post about some beautiful quilting I did over the weekend.  But, honestly, I didn't.  I put the bubbles in one border of the green quilt, but that was the extent of my quilting.  I was not into it.  I didn't even finish the binding on Simply Delicious.  I hope to get back to it this week, but we will have to see.  I'm distracted right now. 

Instead, I have pictures of the bathroom that I painted. 

Rob built all the cabinet doors for me.  They're solid wood.  The vanity had doors, but these three cabinets were just an open set of shelves when I moved in.  I wasn't much on that because I didn't want to have to keep my shelves neat and organized all the time.  They're solid wood and heavy, made from narrow strips of wood glued together and braced on the inside.  He made new vanity doors to match. 

When I moved into the house, this bathroom was papered with a black and white stripe with brightly colored flowers.  It was very versatile, any color worked in there.  But, it was hideous paper with a flowery border along the ceiling. 

Oops, should have lowered the toilet seat before I took that one.  Oh, well.  We all open the toilet, right?  

We went on Saturday and bought new towels.  We replace our towels a lot because the space is so small that thick fluffy towels don't dry well.  So, of course, we keep buying thick fluffy towels. 

I hate those drop down lights.  They are a pain.  But, they were "da bomb" when the house was built and I'm way too lazy to replace them.  I'm going to need to look for something brown and green to fill that big empty wall.  Maybe a quilt??

The bathroom was green.  Olive and a light pea green.  In 2002, I painted the olive first and then sponged for days and days and days with several lighter shades of paint.  It was beautiful.  Like being in a forest.  And, then something happened and we had to paint a section and I knew I'd never imitate that effect again as a patch and didn't have time to do the whole room, so we painted over it with just the olive.  I can't even remember what happened.   But, I can tell from the below when it happened. 

That's our notes from behind the mirror.  2002, when we'd only been together for 2 years.  Then, in 2006 we went just the olive.  And, now, the khaki color. 

A history of us. 

I also built a scroll frame for my needlepoint.  I studied them and looked at how they are made, but I was too cheap to buy one.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on another hobby.  So, I built one.  $5 at the hardware store and some scrap lumber and dowels from the garage.  And, it's working great!  I just hope it's not too late.  My work was getting pretty pulled out of shape from me thinking I wouldn't need one.  It was becoming a parallelogram instead of a rectangle.

Everybody have a great Monday!  It's a new week.  Anything could happen.  Make it be something good. 



Anonymous said...

I love the comments behind the mirror! Mary

Kat said...

Yes, scrolling frame is ideal for needlepoint. I've done a bit and like it best. Beautiful needlepoint picture.

Dot said...

The bathroom looks so clean and fresh.

Your needlepoint will also relax and return to a rectangle when you wet and block it afterwards. You already have already gotten a lot done on it. And the quilt beside it is just to my taste. I could live with those colors forever and be happy.

You must have an amazing ability to focus. You get your work done, the daily maintenance things like cooking and cleaning, and the things that make life better like gardening and your needlework skills - an enviable balance.