The angry deer

He's not really angry.  It's just too dang hot to iron. 

He has a heavy eyebrow ridge that should go away when he is ironed.  I hope. 

This is the latest block from the Have a Jolly Little Christmas BOM by Sew Fresh Quilts.  Rob says he wants a quilt with nine of them, one with a red nose.  Sew Fresh made hers with a black nose but I couldn't resist the red nose. 

I sure hope that brow ridge irons out.

I spent some time in the garden this weekend.  Early hours.  Wee early hours.  Just to get a few plants in pots and do some watering and some weeding and a little trimming.  But, I can only do a little at a time this time of year.  I'm really good at waiting til winter and doing my hard work then.  I'm already planning my fall and winter garden projects. 

I heard a small scratching sound in the attic the other day.  Can't have that.  Turns out something had pulled the steel wool out of the small hole in the siding.  Pretty sure that's how it got in.  Don't know if it was squirrels or something more sinister.  But, we made a loud racket and banged around on Saturday and then Rob covered the hole with something more permanent.  No more sounds since then. 

While we were up there, we noticed that the screen over the eave vent was torn, so we decided to replace that.  We were up doing that before sunrise yesterday morning before the attic could heat up.  We warned Sydney, we're going to be in the attic really early, so don't stay up late the night before.  Course, we didn't set the house on fire or set off the tornado siren, so she didn't get up. 

While we were at the hardware store, we decided to check front porch lights.  We found this one.  We've been looking for about 18 months, so no one was more surprised that we actually found one we agreed on. 

I knew it would happen that way...the right day, the right mood, the right light.  That's how we roll.  It's kind of industrial and reminds us both of the lights that would have hung on the front of a barn.  We tried it in a larger size and went with the smaller because in a larger size, it looked a little too much like a light that would hang on the front of a barn. 

Yesterday afternoon, I turned the small fan on my legs and quilted another side of the bubble border on the analogous green quilt. 

One more side and this one will be done.  I'm hoping to get the last tissue pinned on today so I can get started with the quilting tomorrow.  It only takes about an hour and a half do to a side, so I don't quite know what I'm procrastinating about. 

I guess it gives me something to look forward to, right?  Always a job to be done.

If it just wasn't so dang hot. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  The start to another new week.  Anything could happen.  I hope it's something good. 



Rebecca Grace said...

First of all -- too funny that you think your "heavy browed" reindeer looks angry! If pressing doesn't do the trick, there's always Botox... ;-) Seriously, worst case scenario, press that seam in the opposite direction. It will be worth ripping a few stitches to release those seam allowances if the Neanderthal brow is going to bug you every time you look at it.

Second -- I think your porch light is absolutely perfect. Perfect style, perfect size, perfect everything. Totally worth waiting for the right one to come along.

Tell me more about those tissue things you're pinning on prior to quilting! Your bubbles look AMAZING. Where do you get the tissue? Is it expensive? Difficult to remove after quilting?

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Quilter Kathy said...

I'm hoping to sew this block this week sometime. I'm giving my reindeer a red nose too :)

Becky said...

Lane, I love you!! Your sense of humor makes me happy. Even when I don't comment...I read and appreciate all of your posts. Keep cool!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Angry deer, better than angry dear. You're very fun! Mary

Carla said...

Too funny. I figured he was frowning because you hadn't ironed his face. Hopefully he's happier now.
Love the porch light.

I keep putting off doing the binding on my daughters TShirt quilt. Don't know why either. I guess it's just what we do.

Have a great day.