Monday, again

This weekend, it wasn't about the number of projects, but the fact I got some big projects done.  On Saturday, the battery in Rob's phone gave up the ghost.  We were there when the Apple store opened at the mall.  It took a long time to update the new phone there and they weren't successful, so sent him home to update from his computer.  But, it was a password problem, so coming home didn't make it any better and we spent the day wondering if he'd find the right steps to get it to update, or have to go back to the mall.  We really didn't want to go back to the mall and were both very glad he found what he needed. 

I spent the day working on projects I could easily walk away from.  So, I finished the little card trick quilt.  I looked at it Saturday morning when I had 9 squares done and thought I could go on, make more.  Make 16.  Or 25.  Or, accept that the challenge had gone out of tiny card trick blocks and I either needed to make some other blocks to go with it, or finish this one off and move on to some other challenge.  Like the eighth inch wide strip in the white border. 

I've started the quilting now.  And, remembered there's a reason I let quilts sit for a while between piecing and quilting.  I need some time to refresh and collect new inspiration by looking at quilts, with this quilt in mind.  I tried to rush and quilt and will probably have to remove what I've done so far.  But, that's okay.  It happens sometimes.  It's part of my process to re-do.  And, fortunately, I stopped before I went too far. 

I got the binding on Radiate and got it all sewn down.  A nice yellow binding.  Something bright, but not distracting  to frame it all with. 

I'm going around that binding again, hand stitching it to the back.  It's a very full binding and going around a second time is pulling it nice and tight and giving me a perfect edge on front and back. 

We also worked in the yard and there was a large bout of cooking yesterday that ended with homemade cinnamon rolls.  And, the subsequent washing of dish mountain. 

The things I get myself into.

So, how about that giveaway.  I did random number generator in excel.  And, rounded to the nearest number between 1 and 6 and the winner is Michelle W!  Michelle, I will reply to your comment in email and get the box in the mail...well, soon as I find a box.  But, that won't take long because we are box hoarders around here. 

Everybody have a great Monday!  Next project, clear out a two foot section of the sewing studio closet and put the things I absolutely have to have back.  And, send the rest away.  About two square feet is all I can handle at a go.  The longer I work at it, the more I keep, so better to do it in short, cleansing bursts.

I'm feeling lighter already!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cleaning/clearing tip, Lane. Every time that I start in the sewing room, I'm overwhelmed. Next time, I'll just try for a small section and save the rest for another day. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michelle! Whew, so glad I wasn't the winner.
The card quilt is just right, as usual. Radiate is going to be a
quilt show winner...
Glad Rob finally got his phone fixed. Nothing can ruin a week-end like repairing something first. Wish I had been there for the cinnamon rolls. Would probably helped wash the dishes. lum

Rebecca Grace said...

That little strip is an EIGHTH of an inch wide?!!! I am SO impressed! Radiate is just stunning, by the way. I know everyone else has already told you that. I think it might be my favorite of all the quilts I've seen on your blog.

Dot said...

Your sense of color placement is remarkable.