Quilt Show Inspiration

Amidst the cooking and cleaning that we're so heavily invested in right now...until that mood passes, we went to a quilt show on Saturday morning.  We had a good time.  We picked up our friend LD and went to the show and then went to a nice lunch and then home where Rob took a nap and I turned into an inspired whirling dervish of a quilter. 

But a whirling dervish doesn't get much done, right? 

I had no plans to buy any fabric.  Nope.  I don't need fabric.  No more. 

But, I'm running low on red stash from using it (which is what I have stash for).  So, I picked up some red fat quarters.  And, the guild was selling fabric for $4 a yard and I bought several large pieces in random colors. 

Lane is a very bad boy. 

This was our favorite quilt.  Soon as I saw it, I knew Rob, who enjoys Hawaiian shirt Friday at work almost every Friday would love it.  (Sorry about the pictures.  The aisles were narrow and there was quite a crowd.)  Rob got to meet the young lady that made it when he was filming the show. 

This was my vote for viewers choice.

And, this was Rob's vote for viewer's choice.

You can tell, there's lots of talent in this show.  Our first quilt show, so many years ago was this guild's show and we try to come back every time.  They do a very nice show.  It's also special because when Sydney and I met our dear friend LD, it was at this show, so it was nice to be back there with her again. 

If you want to spend a few minutes at the show, via Rob's video, it's posted at his u-tube channel, here

It's so nice to be recognized at quilt shows.  I sure saw a lot of faces I recognized and I got to talk to a few people that I knew.  It's definitely a community. 

I'm having a really hard time not starting something new.  I'm inspired.  I want to make a miniature quilt.  One of the impulse purchases I made was four tone on tone fabrics in the same print, but different colors.  I've tried to make a quilt out of same prints before and I want to try it again.  As I tried to figure out what to do, this is the leading plan right now. 

This is a test block from scraps, but it's a 3" card trick block.  A bunch of those in a quilt, separated by plain blocks.  My fingers are itching to start.  But, to make this work, I need a fifth color of the inspiration print.  I have red, orange, green and beige.  I'd like to use the beige as a background and get a blue for the cards.
Tonight is quilt guild, where I will, no doubt, continue to be inspired.  I'm taking the baby quilt to turn in and I'm taking the green quilt as show and tell.  And, the speaker makes portrait quilts.  And, there will be all kind of other quilty goodness going on. 
I foresee additional difficulty in restraining myself from starting something new.
Keep my Mom in your thoughts, please.  She's having knee surgery today.  And, keep my Dad in your thoughts for about the next four months.  He's taking care of her after her knee surgery. 
Everybody have a great Monday.  Last Thursday, my boss gave me a huge project with a short deadline.  I'm so glad it's busy at work.  The days pass fast and I get to move on to more fun things.  Like quilting.

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Thank you for taking us to the quilt show with you. Mary