May is Doctor month

Both of my doctors are amused by the fact I have arranged things so that I can have my annual visit to them (this year, I saw them both on the same day), and the dentist, and all my annual prescription refills in May.  Believe me, in this world of insurance rules and full doctor schedules, it was not an easy thing to do.  Then they ask when I saw the optometrist last and that happens in August.  It kind of ruins the moment. 

Anyway, I am certified to live another year.  I'm apparently in excellent health and neither of them said anything about my weight, proving it was a good thing I didn't gain any more.  (I've lost three pounds since last May...but 10 since January...oops!)

I've just put the last stitch in the border of the leaf quilt.  This weekend, I'll start working on binding.  The quilting in the border is simple.  Straight lines echoing the quilt center at 1" intervals.  It needed to be simple because the print is so bold that you weren't going to see the quilting anyway, so no need to waste anything fancy.

Another near finish.

This daylily bloomed yesterday.  It's called Peaches, named after my Mom's dog of a few years ago.  The garden is looking wonderful.  Now, it's just keeping it watered.  

Sydney is working full time.  And, she is seeing how hard that is.  She is so tired.  Her late night attitude hasn't caught up with her early morning schedule yet, but it's starting to and she's having to adjust her activities.  And, of course, we're enjoying it.  Because for all the complaining, she's growing up and growing up is a little bit painful.  I can live with a little complaining, especially because I have "dad's ear"...you know, the ability to only pick up words like blood and danger and boy and motorcycle and credit card out of the buzz of her droning on and on and on. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  We're going to have a three day weekend spent doing some chores around the house and relaxing and getting ready for summer.  I might even get really ambitious and wash some windows...

ick.  what made me think of that?



Dot said...

Still amazed at how special your falling leaves quilt is. My first thought, when you took the original quilt top apart, was good luck. You didn't need the luck, of course. You saw the potential and made it special.

Glad to hear Sydney is doing well, even with the pain of growing up.

Anonymous said...

Clean bill of health....excellent! Keep up the good work. Mary

Anonymous said...

Glad all the appts. were good. Love the leaf quilt. It is a busy one, but very pretty. Don't believe I have the "Peaches" daylily. Many are booming, but maybe I gave away all the really pretty ones. Oh well
Yard is shaping up and looking real good after so long. We can only work in morn. Take care lum

Rebecca Grace said...

So glad to hear that you're "certified" to live another year! Hah! My optometrist has been texting me and sending me little postcards begging me to come in for a checkup, but as long as I'm not having any problems I don't really see the need. Insurance or not, it seems to always be $400 by the time I walk out of there with a new pair of Rx glasses!

As for the window washing, well, better you than me. ;-)