We never waste a weekend

This weekend, we started with a visit to our friend LD.  We went to lunch and had a nice visit and took care of a couple things.  We took her/for Italian to a very nice restaurant and Rob had the special.  Soon as the server started talking about it, I looked over at Rob.  By the time she finished, I was pointing at Rob.  It was definitely his kind of dish.  And, he loved it.  And, we remembered to always ask how much the special is because it was one of the most expensive food dishes I ever bought.  And, it was worth every penny...and he got a nice doggy bag out of it that kept me from having to make supper, so, there you go.

Sunday, we worked in the yard until we could barely stand up and then I made Indian food.  We had vegetable samosas and Kheema Matar and Naan and Rice.  It was delicious!  And, then we both took a nap.  I never nap, so I must have been tired. 

Yesterday, we started in the yard again.  It was the last of the spring projects.  From here til fall, it's just maintenance and watering and too hot to work in the yard.  But, that meant spreading the last of the mulch and potting some small plants up to larger pots and replacing the last cool weather plants with their drought and heat tolerant counterparts.  And, then, I made ribs and potato salad and grilled corn and a peach cobbler and then I took another nap. 

And, the whole time, I was keeping my weather eye on Alberto and making tweaks for the company.  (It's too early for a named storm.  Climate change is real!)  And, I hand sewed the binding on the leaf quilt.  More about it later after it gets a wash.  I have one tweak in the quilting where I left a space just a little bigger than I want and I'll fill it in a bit. 

I took some flower pictures.




Green (yes, it's green, it's the camera with the problem.)



All in bloom right now. 

In my spare time yesterday, I made bread and butter pickles.  The cucumbers looked good at the store, so it was time to take care of that.  Pickles are easy.  My recipe only makes 4-5 jars.  But, it helps to have a tool to help. 

My Popiel's dial-o-matic slicer from Ronco!  We found it in an antique shop.  Blade is very sharp.  It has zero safety features...as Rob says, our generation was taught to be careful, but those 9 cucumbers were sliced up in a couple minutes.  And, no injuries.  I even sliced the onions on it.  But, I was very careful with them. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  It's going to feel like Monday.  And, there won't be a nap.



Dot said...

It sounds wonderful to have your yard under control and ready for summer maintenance to keep it in good shape. Looking forward to seeing the finished leaf quilt. It is my new favorite.

Becky said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I remember the Popeil cutter very well. A hand powered food processor!! haha

Be careful if Alberto gets close!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a busy week-end. Please name your pictures, only recognized the daylily and the flock. The others are very interesting. You could have napped and cooked Indian food here, we would have let you have a nap. Enjoyed your blog, as usual. lum

Carla said...

yum bread and butter pickles. I've never attempted to make pickles. Sounds good. Yes Tuesday was like a Monday and I keep forgetting what day it is when I try to answer questions from my customers. Oops.
Have a great short week!