A little birdie told me so

We bought a fuschia in a hanging basket off the discount rack the other day.  We brought it home and hung it from an eave.  This weekend, I decided it needed more morning sun and took it down.  I looked in the basket and saw all this litter, twigs and plastic and feathers and grass, so I started pulling it out and tossing it into the yard.  Until I saw an egg fly through the air.  Then, I looked down and saw another. 


So, I picked up the egg, which remarkably wasn't cracked and I picked up the trash and I rebuilt a nest and put both eggs into it.  And, I hung the basket back up. 

The sparrows came back.  She climbed on the nest, and she looked around critically (yes, I'm sure she was being critical of my nest building skills).  And, then they flew away and we didn't see them the rest of the day. 

I felt terrible. 

The next morning, I held my camera up over the basket and took a picture.

And, there was a third egg. 

But, no parents.  And, I didn't see them all day. 

The next morning, I held my camera up and took a picture and the sparrow was sitting on the nest.  So, either I'm a better nest builder than I thought I was.  Or, she was really desperate. 

I have white daylilies in bloom.

And, a lot more peaches. 

Now that the common yellow and orange are fading, the hybrids are starting to put up more scapes, so I'm looking forward to lots more bloom. 

I've been secretly working on this. 

It's part of this pattern that I drew to take advantage of a lot of hexies I already had. 

When I drew it, I didn't realize how many hexies it was going to take that I didn't already have. 


Everybody have a great weekend.  Rob is off to see his Mom, so it will just be me and Syd next week.  Then, the week after that, I'm in Cleveland, so it's going to be a lonely June.

But, I'll have hexies to keep me company??? 

Or, not.


Footnote:  The other day, someone posted that blogger wasn't notifying them when people commented.  Then, a couple days later, I stopped receiving comments.  Well, I didn't really.  Blogger stopped telling me about them.  So, this morning, I found them and published them all.  And, thanks, y'all!! 



Dot said...

Glad your nest building skills held up to inspection and Mom Sparrow is happy. That was very patient of you to deal.

You can imagine and plan ahead in much more detail than myself. Nice change in your hexie quilt from a green center to a blue outer border. Those patches are so small, it reminds me of designing fabric (never tried, myself) for a focal point in a room, pulling all it's colors together.

Anonymous said...

Oh the hexies! That's going to be spectacular. I mean..it already is...but WOW! Amazing. Lots of hand work you can take anywhere. Mary

Rebecca Grace said...

I'm so glad your little bird didn't abandon her eggs! Your hexie project is ridiculously ambitious, but nothing you can't handle. It's going to be AMAZING. And the blogger comment thing is driving me crazy, but Google says it's a "known issue" and they are working on it. It might have something to do with making sure they are complying with all the new rules and regulations around collecting people's information online. Have a wonderful week!