Pain management is a wonnerful thing

The beauty of pain management is that it frees time up for other things.  Linda is back to being happy.  Rob keeps bringing in pieces of her needlepoint and pinning them up in the room so she can enjoy them.  She's sleeping more.  More insistent that what she remembers is true.  I pick my way from word to word, dancing around some, dancing with others.  "How did you enjoy my funeral?  You, me and my best friend went to my funeral last week in Port Aransas."  gets a reply like "Sydney loves the beach at Port A."  And, we spend a bit of time talking about a friend's Army jeep that her dad bought her in the 50's that they used to take to the beech every weekend, when she was a young girl.  Choosing which words to respond to because I wasn't really at the funeral and can't say much about that.  Awkwaaaarrrd!

But,. hey, my sewing machine got turned on this morning!  I even quilted a few stitches before I remembered that I like to blog on Friday.

I've talked about making acquaintances at the nursing home.  One of them is a lady that does puzzles.  She's younger than the others.  Closer to my age than Linda's.  I believe she may have had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side.  I run into her frequently as she is more mobile and spends a lot of time exercising in the halls with her walker and sitting outside in a nice quiet shady spot she's found. where nobody else goes, just to get away for a few minutes. 

She spends a lot of time in the day room on her puzzles.  She was working on a particularly difficult one and on Tuesday, I asked her how it was going and she said it all got taken apart when they needed space in the dayroom. 

So, I looked on the internet and figured out how to make her a puzzle roll so she can roll her puzzle the next time they need to do that. 

Sorry about the picture in the back end of the dirty car.  I forgot to take a picture before the nursing home and, well...needs,must right?  It's a 26x48" piece of felt.  I folded over 6" on one short side and stitched it down, which made a 12" sleeve that I slipped a piece of a pool noodle into.  I put a binding on the other short side to keep the felt from stretching and added the too elastic loops.  I was worried she couldn't tie the ends, so elastic seemed to take care of that.  No loose pieces to get away from her, everything is sewn to the felt. 

As I was leaving, I found her in the day room, already working on another puzzle.  I laid it down on the table and asked her if she knew what it was and she did.  And, I showed her how to use the elastic one handed, using her "bad" arm to hold the tube steady.  And, I stuck my hand out and introduced myself to her and she cried a little and asked me for a hug and I went back to work, walking about 2 feet off the floor. 

It's easier for me to take this journey with Linda if I make a few new friends along the way. 

Everybody have a great weekend.  I am planning to work in my garden tomorrow morning.  I've done my best to make sure I don't have anything else, more pressing to do.  Wish me luck! 

Now, I'm going to sneak back to my sewing machine for 19 minutes of bliss....ahhhhhhh.



sewandsow said...

You are a kind and generous person. The world needs more people like you. Thank you

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant solution for a portable puzzle carrier! Frankly, I think you and Rob are up for sainthood.

Dot said...

Your standards of a dirty back of the car and mine are - different. It looks tidy to me. And that puzzle holder you made is well planned. Good use of available materials.

Linda is a fighter, isn't she? I learn by example and it is so helpful to read about responding to Linda's current reality. I can also seize on the topic and work out something related.

You will already be relishing those 19 minutes of quilting. Nothing to add there. Hugs to you and your family (including Linda who is pretty darn close). The world needs more hugs.

Anonymous said...

Making the puzzle keeper was genius! Very thoughtful of you. You’re a good man, Charlie Bown. Mary

bets said...

You are so thoughtful and generous! Brilliant. Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I made friends with the care center residents and staff when my husband was there. Even though he passed away last Christmas, I still take my little dog and visit! The residents are so great ful for the company. Christy

Mary said...

As a former nursing home worker I know that what you are doing is not easy. It sounds like you have found the right balance between responding to statements without prolonging the hallucinations, a very fine line to tread. My heart goes out to the both of you in your long vigil and a really big virtual hug is sent your way.

Connie Turner said...

You have empathy and compassion and I thank you for having and expressing it. I hope for the best for you and Linda.

Anonymous said...

The above comments say it all. I will send hugs for you and Rob and Linda. The puzzle lady deserves a hug also. What a unique thing to do for her. lum