Uno, Dos, Tres...


It was a big night for Lane. 

First, Second Hand Kit won an Honorable Mention.  We were allowed to hang Linda's picture from the ribbon, so that made me very happy.  What a dedication to her and how proud she would be about her part in this beautiful quilt.  (and yes, it was up against some very stiff competition!) 

Half that and Radiate were competing against one another in the same category, small quilts made by one person. 

Half That won Third Place.

Radiate won First place and the Heritage award for a small quilt.  I had to go look up what the heritage award meant. 

The Heritage Award recognizes quilts that are influenced by quilting history. These quilts would be easily recognized as representing classic traditional quilts in style, workmanship and pattern.

 (I am ashamed that I don't know who won Second place.  But, I was so excited, I didn't look.  I'll get another chance on Saturday when we go back.)

Opening night was fun.  It was Rob's first time to attend opening night so he got to see all the awards presented and share in the applause.  Then, we got the chance to walk around the show with the quilt makers, congratulating one another as we went.  And, we got a chance to take good pictures without the crowds that will be there on Saturday.  It was fun to walk up and down the aisles and see people doing the same things I did; standing next to their quilts while their friends and family took their pictures.  Lots of friends won awards and it was a great chance to celebrate with members of the guild. 

I dreamed of quilt shows last night.  Rob did too.  We laughed about that this morning.  A shared dream of things that are important to us both. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  I'm walking on clouds.  But, still there is work.  Later, after people have had a chance to view the show, I'll share our favorites and the best of show quilt.  It was truly beautiful!  But, I've learned that the only way I'm going to win best of show is to make a full size quilt.  So, I shall be looking around for patterns.  Patterns with tiny pieces.  Because I'm proud of my accomplishments, but I'm still ambitious...and human.



talkingcat said...

Congratulations! You and your beautiful quilts deserve the honours. I have enjoyed tagging along on the journey.

Patricia said...

Congratulations, Well done Lane. Look forward to seeing some of the quilts from the show.

Patricia (formally PO Designs)

Rebecca Grace said...

YAY!!! Congratulations, Lane, and I LOVE that you put Linda's picture on the ribbon. I know she was there with you in spirit. I cannot WAIT to see your full size quilt projects... :-)

Mari said...

Congratulations Lane! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love your tribute to Linda. I can see your smile all the way over here. Happy for you. Mary

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So wonderful that you could add Linda's photo to the ribbon. Your quilts are wonderful. I have enjoyed following your progress on your blog. Keep quilting!

bets said...


greytone said...

CONTRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited and happy for your recognition. We all knew you were a winner, and now the world has taken notice of your talent. Keep moving forward, and keep quilting. You are inspiring people you don't know...including me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Linda and I knew you would bring home ribbons, ribbons and more ribbons. You have a great talent, not only for quilting, but putting together colors and patterns. We are very happy for you and with you. So pleased you were able to hang her picture, she would have been also. Please select a large pattern and win "Best of Show" next time. lum

Megan said...

Well done Lane! Your quilts are magnificent and I'm so pleased for you that your skills were recognised. Soak it up and enjoy it to the full.

Sydney, Australia

Dot said...

Beautiful quilts. Those awards are well deserved. Congratulations!

You have spoiled us with closeup shots of your quilts. I had forgotten that Radiate is a miniature. I. Am. Freshly Amazed.