Twas the day after Christmas...

Rob asked me what I was going to do today and I said I'm going to sew for a little while, then I'm going to unpack my presents and then I'm going to sew some, then probably have lunch and sew some more.  So far, I've made a pair of boxer shorts, but the day is young and I bought the supplies to make a new lightweight brown jacket for myself and I can't wait to start.

One of our family traditions is Tamales for dinner on Christmas eve.  And, nothing goes better with tamales than a margarita. 

Then, on Christmas morning, we have monkey bread and (new tradition) hot cocoa while we unwrap gifts. 

One of Rob's gifts was a set of glasses for when we have bloody mary, so we like had to try them out to make sure they weren't leaky or anything.  That one lasted me all the way through cooking lunch. 

I'm not showing a picture of my table because at the last minute, I decided we could help our plates from the stove and take it to the table (see above paragraph for details). 

Just kidding.  What really happened was I looked around at all the dishes that were going to need washing and decided I didn't need to add a half dozen large serving pieces to that pile.  But, we made up for it laughing and talking while I cooked.  With the three of us and at least one dog and sometimes a cat in the kitchen, it was crowded and fun and peaceful and happy.  Just like Christmas should be. 

Rob's surprise gift this year was baby yoda.  Or at least as close as I could get with a good pattern, yarn and crochet hook.  I bought a pattern and adjusted the size down by using a lighter weight yarn.  If I made a second one, I'm sure I could do better.  Just not sure I'll ever get around to making a second one.  I worked on it every morning between the time he left and the time I had to get up to get ready for work, plus a few hours I had to steal over last weekend.  But, it's done now.  And, he liked it and his facebook followers did too.

Rob and his best friend go to one of the local restaurants near their office at least once a week for lunch.  They've made friends with the manager.  She gave them these Santa onesies for Christmas and made them promise to take a picture in them and post it.  And, they both did.  This is Rob's picture. 

Ya gotta love a man confident enough to post that picture. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with peace.  And, that you get to spend today doing what you want to, whatever that is.  I'm going to make some bobbins and get on with my big day. 



Andra Gayle said...

I made a baby Yoda too, for my daughter. It was an adventure that I will not be repeating again soon.

Cathi in Texas said...

My made one also. The little girl who was the recipient squealed with delight. Daughter said it was worth all the trouble.

Megan said...

I admire Rob for taking up the challenge and posting that pic. Well done that man!

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Love the Yoda. The onesie is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Mary