More of the same

Last week's goal was to get the baby quilt assembled and ready to sandwich and quilt.  I managed to do that, despite pouring coffee on it Saturday morning, but it was down to the wire yesterday afternoon and I was still fiddling with the border.  After that, it had to be hand washed in the tub, wrapped in towels and stomped on to squeeze the water out and then blocked out to size and pinned to the floor to dry.  I sure was glad I spent the time to figure out the QST around the edge instead of cheating and using HST, which would have left a bias outside edge that would have stretched to some unintended and likely wierd size and shape.  While it was drying, I dug through the scraps to find bright fabrics, cut them to to the wrong size (luckily too big) and put them together in a pleasing way, laying them around the edges of the wet quilt top.  After I ironed the top, I was able to resize and attach the borders.  

It was such a pretty day that I had to take it outside for a picture.  It's so bright and sparkly.

The rest of my time was spent in the garden.  I was out there every morning last week, doing something that needed doing.  Planting a plant, moving a plant, watering a plant.  You know the drill.  Then, I worked out there until it got hot on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I walk around taking pictures of it so I can remember what all that hard work is for.  

More iris from Syd's house.

I can't believe I started out with one amaryllis bulb.  Now, I have three clumps and they all look like this.  

And, the yellow iris started to bloom.  These came from Boston.  We were there on vacation one spring and people at the shared garden where apartment dwellers can rent a plot were digging and dividing and throwing them on the compost pile.  We took a bunch cut the tops off and brought them home.  They didn't bloom for several years as they adapted to the climate, but they must have acclimated because they bloom every year now.  

Even though things feel less stressful now that there are adults in charge, I'm still appalled at what I see on the news.  Politicians threatening corporations that represent their bread and butter while refusing to even consider anything on the democratic agenda.  Blatantly showing that their only interest is keeping as many people out of the polls as possible because they know they can't win if everyone gets an equal chance. They continue to push myths of lost elections and false oppression down the throats of gullible racists while not doing anything to help those gullible racists get the things they need (like insurance and good paying jobs) that would keep them from feeling oppressed in the first place.   

Okay, so that's enough vitriol for the day, but you sense my frustration.   I knew this would be their idea of "unity" in government...all pretend, just like their political promises and false conservatism.  

Everybody have a great Monday!  It should be a relatively easy week for me, which is good because the next two weeks are gonna be a whole different thing.  May your needle always be sharp!



The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVE the way that baby quilt top came together, Lane!! Thanks for the iris preview, as mine haven't bloomed yet. Soon, though!

Dot said...

"It's so bright and sparkly." Yes, it is. It's such a happy quilt.

It's also a pleasure the have grownups in the White House again, getting things done, one by one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said. Even in spring it is hard to keep hopes up when so much crazy is going on around us. Hopefully we will get through it. Please, God, help us get through it.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a happy springtime baby quilt. I love it! And, I keep hoping that the new calming force in the White House will help reach those destined to believe in the lies they have been fed and lead them to the truth. Happy Quilting.

Carla said...

Love the bright colors in the quilt. Too cute. I would have cried if I spelt coffee on the quilt. You're good.
I've never seen an iris that purplish -yellow color. It's pretty.

cbott said...

How did your garden fare after yesterday's hail storm? I'm up in Pflugerville, and it was quite fearsome!

Currently wearing earplugs and headphones to drown out the news hubby has blaring. Going to disturb the lap cat and spend this gloomy day in my studio, making more Bonnie Hunter scrap TATW blocks. I'm so glad to finally be up to date with your blog, reading you in "real time" now!


Daniel Wachenheim said...

Beautiful baby quilt top! Sunny and bright!