Too much time on my hands

 Rob's been out of town.  He's visiting his Mom, and even took a side trip to visit friends in Colorado.  I took a couple days off because if I don't take some time off soon, PTO will start to expire and that would feel like handing the company part of my salary back.  

Rob sent a picture of.a quilt I'd sent his Mom, when she moved from Colorado to Nebraska.  It was called Topsy's New Neighborhood.  He told me she was moving while I was finishing up this BOM (sorry, but it was several years ago and I can't remember who to credit, but it was not my design.).  His Mom had it draped over the back of her sofa.   Always nice to see my work.  

I spent some time thinking about how I was going to spend my time.  I did a good job of it, too.  I made sure not to make too many plans, so I'd have some time to just sit and relax.  I don't take on painting projects and things like that anymore.  What I forgot was that I was going to also have all the chores to do, so I haven't spent too much time relaxing.  I planned a sun catcher with some glass pendulums as a craft project.  Then, I tried to figure out where I was going to hang said relatively large craft project and realized that might not be how I wanted to spend my time.  I wanted to binge watch a lot of TV and I didn't do that either.  The third thing I wanted to do was some organizing and I did the heck out of that.  I sorted through my closet, doing it quick and asking everything whether I loved it.  I didn't let myself think about how I COULD wear this again and there's NOTHING wrong with it.  If I didn't love it, I told it goodbye.  I ended up with a really big box of clothes for Goodwill.  Who knew I felt that way about so much of my wardrobe?  

I did not go through my shoes.  I love all my shoes.  Even the ones that hurt my feet.  

I also sorted through parts of the pantry.  It wasn't about getting rid of food, but about organizing it to optimize space.  My post pandemic pantry needed a refresh.  I also took a long look at how I store my dishes and despite how I'm always trying to make the stuff I use the most more accessible, It feels like I  can never get to anything.  One of the things I did was pack up Linda's wedding crystal.  It is beautiful!  But, I'm never going to use it.  We're holding onto it as a wedding gift for Syd.  It did not need to stay in my cabinets.  That freed up a lot of space for the things we do use.  And, while I was at it, I found that dang butter knife that we lost last Thanksgiving.  I knew we hadn't thrown it away.  

And, I cooked.  Rob being away was no reason for me to exist on sandwiches.  I baked bread, made Chinese, roasted vegetables with couscous (first time I ever cooked with fennel), and made pepper jelly.  I enjoy cooking and it's always nice to have a little something new to try.  I get stuck in a rut sometimes with the classic triangle plate (meat, veg, starch).  I like to try new things when I can and if I experiment while Rob is out of town, I'm not having to watch him eat it if it's no good, with that pained look and the fake smile plastered on.  God love him for doing that, but when it's just me, I can throw it out if it's not good and start over again.  Or have a sandwich.  

I don't know what I did different with that bread, but it came out especially nice this week.  I sliced a hunk off last night and buttered it and had it with dinner.  

I tried to think of all the things I did, and can't.  I reorganized the cookbook shelf to bring the cookbooks for two to the front and I sat on the floor and reorganized the bakeware cabinets and hung cedar in the coat closet and I went next door for cocktails with friends last night.  I cleaned a section of carpet and I dusted our bedroom and vacuumed the house.  I did laundry and bathed the dog and watered the yard.  And, I did a lot of shopping in Amazon's craft and organization departments.  I even bought some new clothes.  

Now, I need to go back to work so I can get some rest from my paid time off.  

Everybody have a great week!  Do something you love, but do it  in moderation.  And, enjoy the doing of it.  Lane


Anonymous said...

Oh my word! You were crazy busy. Perhaps you kept busy because you missed him and found the house empty. Great post. Thanks for sharing, Mary

Dot said...

Well, so much for sitting back and relaxing, but that time spent organizing cabinets, sorting through your clothes, and trying new recipes is going to pay off big time.

Lovely loaves of bread. There's nothing like biting into a slice of homemade bread, particularly fresh out of the oven when the smell of yeast drifts through the house like a taste of heaven on earth.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOL!! LOVE that final comment, Lane! Glad to hear that you were productive during your staycation. I'm in the midst of a whole house declutter and can sympathize with your plight. (Although, while it's a thoughtful thing to do, I don't typically bother with thanking items for their service.)

bets said...

My goodness gracious! Good for you! I should plan some time off like that. Well done!

jane said...

Wow I am impressed. That is exactly what I would love to do around here if I could get rid of my husband for a couple of days.(he's retired) and I haven't done a good clean in 5 years. I do try to work on one room every now and then with small improvements, but not full on cleans. Good to hear from you.