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I could also have titled this post 'things I'll do to get out of feeling obligated to knit.'  I can be kind of obsessive when things aren't going right.  Work the problem, solve the problem.  But, I also get bored easily, so too much working the problem and I'm ready to move on to something new.  And, I don't want this sweater to turn into a multi-year thing.  

We had a really nice 4th.  Yesterday was also our last anniversary of the year (thank goodness) and Rob gave me a very sweet card and we both said Happy Anniversary at the same time, which meant neither of us had forgotten.  Syd and MM (the boyfriend seems to be sticking around, so needs a name I guess) got there late, so the barbecue chicken was kind of dry.  But, we had some really good queso made with smoked brisket and spicy pico de gallo and baked beans and the very best coleslaw I ever made and potatoes salad the way my Mom made it.  I even made an apple pie.  We ate and watched an Independence Day movie and The Tomorrow War and had a nice visit (we talk through movies, but seem to need something there in the background).  I think he enjoys our sense of humor as we joke with Syd.  He's a little more relaxed and that must mean we're doing something right.  

Since I was avoiding my needles, I decided I could try something experimental in the kitchen.  I made macarons for the first time.  They seem to be a staple in any baking competition and they look so good and why not, right?  A macaron is basically a meringue cookie, made with a little bit of almond flour.  It made a very light and crisp cookie.  But, then you sandwich frosting between two of those little bits of puff and it makes a crispy sweet bit of lemon flavored sugar (and butter and cream cheese).  What's not to like?  I didn't have the right frosting tip, so had to substitute, which made a really pretty cookie.  The recipe said to make the cookies an inch in diameter.  That's very small and I'd have been there all day piping out cookie dough so I decided to make them larger.  That left me with cookies of all sizes, so I paired them up and put half on one cookie sheet and half on the other.  I would pick them up from one, pipe a little frosting on, then hand it to Rob and he'd pick up the corresponding cookie and stick it to the other end.  It was very Lucy and Ethel and we laughed, but didn't eat all the product.  

I worked on the plants on the deck to get them like we wanted them.  When the weather changed, I had some stuff getting too much sun and some stuff getting too little.  The deck looks really good.  Too bad we can't spend any time out there without dipping ourselves in mosquito repellent.  We've had two companies come out to measure for the replacement fences.  We've picked something really nice and in about 8 weeks, we should have it all replaced.  I can hardly wait.  

This is a little Iris that we picked up on vacation a few years ago.  I mean, like literally bent over and picked it up out of a field.  I didn't think I had any of them left, then last week, it started to flower unexpectedly.  The flower is about an inch and a quarter in diameter and you can imagine a field of these in a shady spot on a mountain side.  

The swamp lily is blooming.  It's kind of a poor bloom this year, but that's okay.  I lost a couple of these in the big freeze this year, so I was glad to see anything from them.  

I took a picture of this crape myrtle.  I've never seen one so big.  You can see how it towers over the house.  There are a couple of these in the neighborhood.  One is pink and these are white.  Every year, they give a beautiful bloom cycle and they make very shady trees.  (I have screen porch envy of these people).

I haven't bought fish in a couple years and the aquarium was looking pretty sad.  I've been working on it, getting it cleaned up so I could bring in new fish.  We went to the really good fish store on Saturday and I picked up a few.  I hope to go back next Saturday and pick up a few more.  It's not good to put too many new fish into a tank at one time.  This picture was to catch that one that's just left of center with the long fins.  I can't remember what it's called anymore, but I want more of them.  They live a long life and they're very active.  They give quick flashes of silver in the tank.  

Okay, that's it for me today.  Time to get moving.  It's been very busy at work.  Not only am I doing my job, but I'm having to explain how, why and when to my new managers.  They're doing well, but they ask really hard questions and sometimes I'm like 'well, we've always done it that way.  And, if you'd like to make a change, just let me know.'  I keep encouraging them to tweak my work to make it meaningful to them, but so far, they're just in observation mode.  I'm cool with that.  I hate change.  There have been a couple times I've wanted to say 'you're spending too much time on this, you need to move on, there's too much needing to be done' but it's not the time for that.  

Be well.  Enjoy your loved ones, and enjoy yourself.  Lane

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Anonymous said...

Oh, don’t give up on your sweater. The cookies look perfect.. I suspect they were a lot of work. Thanks for sharing. Mary