August's weather early

It's in the 105-107* range around here now.  That's normally August weather, but climate change is a hoax, right?  Over the weekend, I did my watering, but that was all I tried to do outside.  By 9:30 every morning, I was in a lather of sweat and ready to hit the showers.  But, that's okay.  I did lots of stuff inside.  I did some grout patching and house cleaning and a good bit of sewing.  

I got my apron finished.  Rob gave me a tea towel with the saying on it.  I don't think he realized it was a line from an old song.  It was 30" square and I couldn't think of anything to do with it that would let me enjoy the saying, until I thought of mounting it onto the new apron I'd been planning for a while.  My old apron has been washed so many times that it's nearly threadbare, and accidents seep right through it to my clothes.  I wanted my next apron to be thick, so I chose a nice heavy piece of French linen.  The tea towel was light, almost cheesecloth weight, so I used some interfacing that I bought online and was too heavy for shirts (I don't know enough about what I'm doing to buy stuff like that online).  I ironed it to the saying and to all the edge stripping.  All that's left is the D rings or button to hold it closed at the neck.  I haven't decided which to use yet.  

I also got the big pieces of Syd's shirt cut and basted so she can try it on.  I bought an extra half yard of the fabric and it was just enough for me to get all the pieces because of the print.  I didn't cut the collar or cuffs yet as they'll need adjusting based on how the other pieces end up going together.  There's plenty of fabric for that as long as I'm careful.  

The only flower pictures are this iris that's blooming.  We picked these out of a field in Arkansas on vacation and brought them home and found out how aggressive they are.  I ripped most of them out because of that, but left a couple that I think I can control.  Beautiful little flower, isn't it?

And, this swamp lily that hasn't bloomed in a couple years and is really putting on a show now that there's more sun where it lives.


I don't have words today to express my hurt at what the nazi repubs are doing to our country and our freedoms.  History has shown where this goes next if we don't start to successfully fight back soon.  We have lost the ability to message.  We have lost the ability to hammer day after day, hour after hour at their false narratives and their hate speech.  I watched video of Pete Buttigieg successfully doing it to a fox news anchor this weekend and I have to say, it was beautiful!  I hope he does more messaging because he definitely knows how to do it.  I hope I live long enough to see him become President.  

America was great until the magas came along and tried to ruin it.  Time will tell if they succeed, but I get up every morning with the thought that we will prevail over hate...or I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.

Be well!  Have a good week!  Keep faith that our country can survive.



My Piece of Earth said...

Perfect saying for an apron. Like the origami pattern on the shirt you are making.
Flowers, love seeing all the blooms that are growing at this time of the year.

Hubblebird said...

I always go to below the line first before I read the rest of your blog posts. Keeps me up-to-date with how America really should be. Here in Australia we managed to oust the last government for leaning too far to the right. I hope our new government brings us back on track. Love your blog.

Suzanne said...

Your apron and Syd's shirt both look awesome! What great work you do.

Buttigieg for president!

Anonymous said...

The apron is such a good idea. I do remember that song. I’ll probably be humming it all day today. Ha! Thanks for sharing. Mary

Anonymous said...

I get so tired of listening to people who thrive off these theories and I too speak up now and then their reply is “well I guess I don’t have right cause you make better sense “ and so I will continue with these wake up calls. Thank you for helping me find my way. I love seeing your sewing and repurposing. I am glad you show the truth of what America truly is. Kathy

Testosterone said...

The apron is pitch perfect. Are those letters sewn on, or do you venture into silk screening and the like?

Luv the flowers!


Buttigieg-Katie Porter

Or to really rally the voters: Buttigieg-Michelle Obama!

Though I think we'll end up with Harris-Buttigieg.