Work, work, work

This week, all efforts were aimed at the greenhouse.  In those few minutes when I'd walk away from my desk during the week, I was spending time checking on plants that came out of the greenhouse and moving things around that weren't enjoying their places.  Things are kind of just dropped where I could find a place for them, shady plants in shady spots and vice versa.  I'm also trying to find temporary homes for all the things that live in the greenhouse, like extra pots and fertilizers and tools.  I own two of every tool, one vintage and one new, and that takes up space.  

I dragged the last of it out Saturday morning and then spent most of the rest of the weekend getting the stuff that wouldn't stand up to the weather into places where we control the weather.  I went through it all once, but I'm going to have to go through it again.  I don't want all that nonsense cluttering up the new greenhouse.  

On Sunday, I played in the garden while Rob replaced the floor.  I had some weeding to do and some thinning plants and some things that needed to be moved and when he needed me, I fetched and toted and kept us fed.  I think the floor was the part Rob was dreading the most.  Next, he's going to rebuild the end you see in the picture to replace that door with a window and add a vent fan.  Inside, the wall will be lined with shelves...and maybe a sink...wouldn't that be nice.  Then, we'll paint it to match the house and replace the roof with a tinted gray roof.  Since we cut down the tree that grew over it, it's been way too sunny and hot in there.  You can see the shade cloth I put up last year on the inside.  

Yesterday was our 23rd anniversary.  I think we both thought it was today.  Rob is calling it 23.1 because we celebrate 3 anniversaries a year.  This is the anniversary of the day we met.  The night the cowboy who wasn't really a cowboy asked a stranger in a bar if he could kiss him and I said yes.  (let's all spend two seconds feeling sorry for the guy from Dallas that was chatting me up...snooze/lose).  We've been together ever since...well, there was that silly thing about me not letting him move in until we'd dated 6 months, but that was pretty pointless since he was here all the time anyway.  

Since then, he's taken over my life, which I'd normally say was a bad thing, but it freed up my time to become a quilter and gardener and learn to cook.  We raised a kid, we've grieved, we've celebrated, we've worked shoulder to shoulder.  We've cried, we've argued and we've laughed.  

I get the chance to give relationship advice once in a while and it's always the same.  Find someone that makes you laugh.  Everything else fades over time.  But, there's always time and space to laugh.  

Everybody have a great week!  I'm going to take my man to dinner tonight.  Someplace he's never been.  And, we'll laugh.  

Find something that brings you joy and laugh your way through it.  Lane


Dot said...

Congratulations for 23 good years. Funny how the days slip by and the years increase.

The world is an a very odd place right now. Your encouragement to keep looking for the things that bring joy is spot on and very helpful.

Suzanne said...

Happy anniversary!

Mari said...

Congratulations! And happy planting, too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. And thanks for sharing all that you do.

jane said...

Happy Anniversary. We celebrated ours just a couple of days ago also. Would love to be getting a workable greenhouse for my plants. I have been working on rooting sprigs for more plants.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I might cry. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Paulette said...

Happy Anniversary, Lane and Rob! We're going on 40 years in June, and you're so right about picking someone who makes you laugh (even if it's to laugh at each other's quirks, I think that counts!). May you have many more!