Pieced and ready to quilt

Did you notice that I left out the word “pressed” in the title, which means it’s not really ready to quilt.  But, nearly.

Anyway, I got the last borders on yesterday morning. 


I wish I had another half yard of that raspberry fabric.  A yard would be better.  But, considering it was started on a lark, I’m pretty darn happy with it. 

Except I have to finish the neighbor’s quilt before I can start the quilting on this one.  All my pins are tied up and my bobbins have the wrong thread and there’s really no way around being late delivering both of these gifts, so better to just suck it up and do my best work. 

Life is like that when the days pass so fast.

I used up all my “niblet” nine patches in the border.  Ya’ gotta’ love a quilt that uses up stuff you already have on hand. 


Now I get to start over and try to fill that drawer up.  Four patches made with 2 1/2” squares anyone?  I’ve got buckets full of those.

Wanna talk OCD?  When I pieced the border, I pieced more than I had to so that I could get the leftover pieces of the background fabric where they needed to go, to complete the pattern.


But, in a long tradition of not being happy with my work, I wish this was bigger and am thinking about adding a narrow border and then another three rows of checkerboard to the top and bottom.  I’ve been through everything I own trying to find a border I could add without it looking like I just slapped on a border for extra size, as Alex Anderson would say, and that’s the only idea I’ve been able to come up with that I actually like.  It would certainly give me something to build at quilt bee on Saturday, since I’d be starting from scratch.

We’ll see. 

Just in case anybody is inspired to try to repeat this and doesn’t want to just wing it, I started with 2 yards of the background fabric and wish I’d had a bit more.  The quilt is 61x51” right now.  I’d prefer another 8 inches long so it would cover both feet and neck, but am satisfied with the width. 

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.  I am officially a candidate for a different job in a different department of the same company, doing what I’ve been doing for years, but doing it for more money.  Ya’ gotta love that, right?  So, wish me luck.  I don’t know how much competition there will be and it may be 6 weeks before I know whether I got the job and I’m going to do my best to try to forget about the whole thing until somebody reaches out to schedule the next step.  In the meantime, my boss has gone crazy with projects. 

Oh, and special shout to the kid, who has been cooking dinner on her own this week while I’ve been working late.  She cooked baked chicken with mashed potatoes and a salad on Tuesday and last night, she made a jerk pork tenderloin on the grill with homemade mac and cheese and steamed broccoli. Most importantly, she’s listening to the feedback and taking it in for later instead of arguing against it.

Could this finally be the thing that she likes enough to put all of herself into it?  Or, is it just that when she cooks, I clean up the kitchen?  Sometimes it’s better not to ask.  Just enjoy the peace.



Piece by Piece said...

The quilt is look good Lane.

Hazel said...

I really like this quilt, at first I wasn't sure about the raspberry but now I love it .

Pokey said...

Great job on another Double Irish Chain, still a favorite! I like it better than the years of always a light background, don't you?

Frances Welch said...

Love double Irish chain oneday-oneday I will make it for ME.
As for Sydney she is growing up and is turning from an ungly duckling to a beautiful swan---we have a granddaughter going through the same process and on most days now she is a joy---your time will come.

lw said...

I think that the size that the quilt is now is the perfect size for having on the sofa on cool nights. I don't know that I'd add anything to it, it looks so perfect now.

I hope you get the new job, more money is always useful right before you send your daughter to college/culinary school.

Marei said...

Good luck, I hope you get the job. Love the quilt. I think it looks great as is, but I hear what you're saying about adding some length with another border and checkerboards. And she's cooking? Of her own volition? Yeah! You and Rob are raising her right. :)

Elizabeth said...

LoVE the Irish Chain! You done good.

And how cool is that about Sydney cooking. Sounds like she's really getting into it. Awesome.

xo -E

Kath said...

best of luck with the new job Lane, sounds like you are the candidate who has the perfect experience.
I do like your quilt, I particularly like how you made the pieced border.
How lovely that Miss Sydney is looking after you by cooking when you are tired from a long day.

Patricia said...

Can I borrow your teen?!?!? No body here cooks for me. You lucky person! Love your quilt.

Megan said...

Love love love the quilt, Lane. Border - I'm wondering whether it might be possible to add a border of Sawtooth Stars - perhaps instead of plain corners of those blocks, you could use scrappy four patches and then use one print fabric for all the star points and the centre square of each star. Maybe with an extra row (or two!) of small squares so that some of the star blocks are immediately adjacent to the border you have now and some are one square removed from it, to give a less formal look to them. I think you could achieve this without using raspberry and still have it look connected to the quilt centre.

Good luck with the new job. Hope it works out.

Fabulous news on having meals cooked for you. You've gotta love that.

Sydney, Australia