That didn’t take long

You didn’t think that blank piece of floor space yesterday would last long, did you?  Actually, it’s fulfilling its intended purpose today; a space big enough to pin baste a small quilt or block one. 

And, here is the first quilt being blocked in the space.


This is the quilt I started quilting when Sydney had her surgery.  And, it has some of the tiniest stippling work I’ve ever done. 


I don’t think it would win any awards, but I do think it’s a pretty quilt and is going to look great on our wall, to give us some nice Indian summer color, just before the golds and browns of fall. 


It’s almost dry now and soon it will be ready to take up and put a sleeve on it.  I may have to wash it again, tho.  There’s a little bit of blue marker left in it; just a trace of a shadow and the drier it gets, the less I can see it.  If it’s not all gone this evening, I’ll pull it up and wash it again and block it again and see what happens.  But, this time, I’ll toss in some oxy clean to get the last of the blue out.  Unfortunately, i don’t remember if it’s water soluble ink or blue ceramic pencil, so I don’t know if drying is going to take care of it (ink it should, pencil it won’t.)  So, whether it is ready to hang or not is still undecided.

Syd and I have had breakfast.  I love having Rob around, but I also love these breakfasts when it’s just the two of us and she can ramble without having to stick to a train of thought or make sense.  I also pointed out that not everyone can pull off salmon pink.


This is all the pose she was up for this morning.  Some days you feel like a model.  Some days you don’t.

My first interview for the new job is next wednesday.  I have a project I have to complete and the informal interview is to discuss that work and knock out people that don’t do well on the project.  The project is exactly the stuff I work on, so I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I just have to find time to do a good job at it.  After that, the interviews will get more formal until someone is chosen.  Oddly, I’m too busy to feel nervous.  Maybe that will change when I start the project today.

Be well.  Have a great Wednesday.  Lane


Scott said...

Lane, I love seeing your work! That first quilt is gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Sydney does Salmon pink really, really well. It's a beautiful color for her.

I love that quilt you have blocking on the floor. So pretty.

And good luck with your job interview process.

xo -E

Cheryl Fogg said...

I remember that quilt from Kim Noblin's Block of the Month website. I did 2 of her quilts when I first started quiling. Yours turned out beautiful. I wonder whatever happened to her. She left her last BOM quilt project on-line, but unfinished.

Lakegaldonna said...

Hi Lane

Do you do your quilting on a home sized sewing machine or do you have a long arm? The quilting looks great to my eye.

I get very discouraged doing it on my regular sewing machine, I'm always wrestling with it and don't really enjoy that part.