The one that caught your eye

A couple of people mentioned this quilt when I posted pictures of the sewing room the other day.  It has become a permanent wallhanging in the sewing room, matching the wall and the sofa upholstery perfectly.


This was a kit.  I haven’t done many kits.  I prefer to pick my own fabrics and pay for them over time, as I find them, instead of getting it all at once.

Anyway, you bought the three pieces of fabric and each piece of fabric was striped in four gradations of the color.  So, there were four shades of green on one piece and four shades of blue on another and the same with the brown.  You cut between the stripes to separate the gradations and then sub cut that into strips to put the blocks together log cabin style in quarter block sections.  Then, you just assembled it, selecting whichever quarter blocks you needed to create that overlapping effect.  It was a fun quilt.  But, you can see how little of the light blue you use in relation to the dark blue.  While it was great to get the four exact gradations together, I was also left with a whole lot of the lightest colors.  So, in my mind, I bought more fabric than I needed.  I guess it was a trade off and of course, it’s not a problem to use these nice shades in other projects, so it’s not really waste. 


I’ve only seen one other one.  It was at a quilt show and I was drawn to read the maker’s comments.  Turns out it was the sample from the shop that inspired me to buy the kit. 


I quilted it with feathers.  Lots of feathers.  I used plates and saucers from the kitchen to mark the curving spines and then put the feathers in around that, letting the spines actually touch the boundary lines that I was quilting inside of.  It worked out really good and I’d do that again on another large log cabin style block quilt. 

No, those aren’t ribbons this quilt won.  Those are ribbons for a quilt in storage and I’m not sure what to do with the ribbons until the quilt goes on display at the holidays. 

Besides, I kinda like looking at them.  There’s another set on the bookcase and another set on a quilt that earned them, hanging in the living room.  Who says you shouldn’t toot your own horn?

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Sydney didn’t dally on this homework project that’s not due until next week.  She had to make a collage about her and she was done by supper last night.


Beauty, eye-shadow, strong women…some not so strong, good sayings.  And, ice cream.  When she showed it to me last night, I was all ready to give feedback until I really looked at it and saw how well she had actually completed this assignment, putting a little bit of herself out there for all her classmates to see. 

Oh, and there’s a picture of an iphone, front and center.  Subliminal messaging perhaps?

Just pointing out how convenient it is that homework is always over at the exact second that I pull the plug on the dishwater.  Just pointing out that it’s convenient.  That’s all.  Very, very conveeeeeenient.



JoAnne said...


Are the ribbons you earned "home made?" If so, I would love to see a post about them. Not because you are bragging, although you deserve to, but about the ribbons themselves. I'm making ribbons for our guild's upcoming show and love to see other versions to get ideas. Thanks! I think projects like Sydney made can really show a lot of kid's personalities. It is something worth putting away and keeping for posterity.

lw said...

I think Sydney's even prettier than the women in her collage. I love the "subliminal" iPhone.

I remember that quilt. It's perfect for the spot you have it in.

Marei said...

Thanks for showing & telling about this quilt in detail. It really is stunning and now it's given me a way to use my striated/ombre fabrics. I'll cut them along the color stripes and use them as strips. Sometimes things are so straightforward that I can't see them. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, homework done and dishes avoided--two for the price of one! She's a smart girl.... Elle

Frances Welch said...

Lane and Rob you certainly have one gorgeous girl there all the hard work on all your parts is certainly beginning to pay off.
Also love the quilt.

Carla said...

LOL love the idea of the Subliminal message. They're good at that. Love that quilt and all the feathers