Three hours, three finishes

I may be the only person that does this, but I doubt it.  I had three quilts that were all within an hour of being done.  So, Friday, I took the day off to give me a nice, long, four day, stress free weekend. 

And, it worked.

On Friday, I did the last hour of ripping out and replacing bad quilting on the vacation quilt, named Pond Mountain after the lodge we stay at.


It is now finished, washed, blocked, sleeve added and hanging on the wall. 


And, I used the oxy clean spray and a soft toothbrush to get the blue marks out of this quilt and I laundered it and blocked it again.  Lesson learned about using blue ceramic pencil on white fabric.  It worked great, but I need to be better prepared to get it out.


It just needs a sleeve and it will be ready to go on the wall.


And, I repaired the hole in the neighbor’s thank you quilt and got it laundered.  I don’t know how I made a hole in this quilt top.  I can only assume my seam ripper or scissors slipped because it was a cut, not a tear. 


I tried to take a picture, but couldn’t find it.  That’s the hallmark of a good repair.  I tucked a bit of fusible between the top and the batting and ironed it down, then quilted an acorn over it.  The acorn was like all the others in the quilting and goes very well with the leafy theme.  This one is only special because it has back and forth quilting filling in the acorn cap, covering the hole.  Easy-peasy.  However, it refused to have a good photo taken this morning, no matter which angle or which lighting I tried, so what you get to see looks washed out.  But, it’s not. 

After that, I made two more pillows for the sofa.


I made six of the light colored, striped pillows last weekend; enough for each chair and three on the sofa.  This weekend, I added the denim string pieced pair.  They go great with the denim quilt we keep on the sofa to protect from dirt and wear and kid and dogs.  Long lasting and strong.  And ever so much better than the old, mismatched pillows that had somehow made their home in our living room.

I got a lot more accomplished this weekend, but you’ll have to wait because I’m about out of sharing time this morning.  I had all the forms that Syd gave me last week that I needed to have signed today…and put off until today.  And, I had a lesson to teach about how you dress reflecting what’s important for the day and I wasn’t sure that she was dressed as much for study as she was for all the boys that she complained over breakfast keep asking her out. 

I think the lady doth protest too much. 

How do I get her to focus on school at school? 

I know, Catholic boarding school for girls.  That should work.



lw said...

Congrats on the finishes! I am nearing completion of a large denim and flannel picnic quilt (it's so heavy that I may end up bar tacking it and not quilting it at all.) I have a baby quilt, a repair, a present and a crumb quilt all in the running to be finished this year.

The complaints aren't that the boys are asking her out, they are because the right boy hasn't yet.

quiltermom said...

Girl's school won't help...there's always a boy's school nearby that they have activities with. Good luck with the "dress for study " talk. As the parent of two teens, you always make me laugh.

Becky said...

Oh lane, the quilts are beautiful!!! As for the life lessons with your beautiful daughter.....those will be never ending for a while. She is beautiful and she will be creating a buzz with the fellas for a loooonnnnnnnggggg time. Good luck!
Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Your Pond Mountain quilt is beautiful and very possibly my favorite of any of your quilts! I also love the pretty pattern you did with the log cabins for the neighbor's gift. And I'm glad you got the blue ceramic pencil out. Bummer about blocking twice.

xo -E