More work over the weekend

I messed up my blog posts, so some of you may have read what is coming next, but I don’t think that most people saw it, so I’m going to let it start today’s post. 

I got up Saturday morning and suddenly remembered that I had a UFO that I could take to bee, so that freed up the morning.  What else could I do but work on the Indian Orange Peel. 


It’s all together now.  Foibles, flaws and all.  One of her last instructions says:

stitch 1/8” from the edge of the quilt all the way around before removing the rest of the paper to stabilize it.  If you omit this step, something horrible will happen (sounds like a chain letter).

You can bet I didn’t leave that step out.

Next, I get to remove the paper.



This is going to be a good project for fall evenings, while I watch TV. 

Saturday was quilt bee and I took my Texas Braid, from Bonnie Hunter’s Adventure’s with Leaders and Enders.  That’s been one of those projects for years.  When I look for something to work on, I pull it out and sew a few strips on.  This morning, I realized I had 6 sets, almost complete. 


This is one of those quilts that calls for thousands of pieces and I cut until I was seriously tired of cutting and decided the quilt would be that big.  Well, I still have a boatload of strips cut, so this one is going to be bigger than I thought.  I won’t need those wide borders after all. 

After bee, I worked on the coat.  This project is a lot of work.  And, it’s going very well.


I have the hood attached.  I’m pretty proud of the pockets.


And, the topstitched yoke.


And, I’ve learned about as many ways not to attach a seam binding as Mr Edison learned how not to make a lightbulb.


So, I’m at a stand still while I go back and learn to do that better and then I can proceed.  I tried doing a binding like Peter Lappin did when he made the coat.  But, mine isn’t turning out as good as him.  I the hood, I had good luck doing a hand sewn finish, just like I would on a quilt.  So, my next try is going to be what I know; double fold binding, just like a quilt, sewn in by machine and then finished by hand.  I can already tell that’s going to be the best finish and the only reason I didn’t start there is “I thought it would take too much time” he whined.  But, now it’s just going to take more time to take some out and then sew it back down.  So, who really saved time there, bub?

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’m not ready for another work week.  I think I deserve this coming Friday off. 

Be well.  Lane


lw said...

The back of the orange peel looks like a cathedral windows quilt in the photo. Imagine a quilt so beautiful, it even looks good on the inside! Well done.

I agree about the pocket-- it looks perfect and about the binding, it needs hand sewing to flatten out. Think of it this way-- it takes longer, but if you wear it for years, what's an hour to get it right? And it's going to be so much nicer than one you could buy ready to wear.

Becky said...

If I lived closer I'd pull the paper for you!! Have a great week!

Love, Becky

Samantha said...

That quilt top is beautiful!

I wish I had the patience to make garments but alas, the very few I've made I wanted to throw out the window several times before I finished them. :D Your coat is coming along very nicely!

Susan Entwistle said...

Everything is beautiful!