I look awesome!

Okay, so Sydney said that while I was taking a picture of her, modeling my coat.


She really does look good in it, doesn’t she?

I’m making her one, soon after I finish mine, except I’m going to know what I’m doing when I make hers and hopefully, that will lead to fewer mistakes.  Hers is a lighter green denim and I’m trying to sell her on a black and white plaid lining.  She’s skeptical.  But, at least she’s willing to consider it…she hasn’t actually seen the fabric yet, so her mind is still open.

Anyway, I got the strip sewn down the back.


You can barely see it.  And, most of what you see is the straight white lines I drew in the back of the coat to keep that strip straight.  I’ll take a soft toothbrush to that and they’ll go away.

I also got the side seams in and I got one of them bound.  After the second one is bound, I can hem it. 


(that is not a rude gesture; just trying to keep the coat closed.  if sydney was still here, we’d re-shoot that. 

And, after that come the sleeves.  I am not looking forward to setting the sleeves in and then binding the seam allowances.  I am not, I am not, I am not.  They were hard enough to do in the muslin and I could really just hem it and stop and hire someone to put the sleeves in, right? 

No.  My obsessive/compulsive nature will not allow me to be defeated by these sleeves.  I can conquer all. 

Yesterday’s interviewer didn’t want to be interviewing me any more than I wanted to be interviewed, so we had a silent gentlemen’s agreement that allowed us to bounce through that in less than a half hour.  It was nice.  Real nice.

I found out that today is not an interview.  It’s a live test.  I tried to explain it to Sydney.  It’s like going to school, knowing you’re going to be given a test, and being taken to the gym and handed a test from a random class that you had no idea how to prepare for. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  I have a bee tomorrow and a half day off this afternoon.  It’s supposed to rain cats and dogs all day long.  It’s gonna be a good day as soon as I get this one little bit of unpleasantness finished with. 



Linda K said...

Just remember to ease those sleeves in, don't stretch! The coat is looking good!

Kate said...

Great job! With the red sleeves and the hood, you look like one of robin hoods merry men! Just need a sword. Good luck on the interview.

Pam said...

Good Luck today Lane!! My thoughts and prayers out to you!!

Susan Entwistle said...

By now it's over, so let us know how it went. (Now go conquer those sleeves!)

lw said...

You both look awesome, and the strip is now a design feature.

I'm starting to wonder about the interview process-- seems like an awful lot of time (and hourly rates) figure into the choice of a new employee. By the time they choose one of you, you each have around eight (probably unpaid) hours into it-- quite an investment. I hope today goes well for you and you get it.

Sue McDermott said...

A quick HELLO from a new follower in Western Australia. I have been quietly reading your blog for a few weeks and thought it was time to reveal myself. I enjoy reading your stories and your Quilts are truly lovely. So Hi from ME [I'm Sue] and just so we can 'bond' more, my surname before marriage was LANE! :)

Megan said...

I'm finding the progress reports on your coat project very interesting Lane. I'm not someone who would typically invest the time to do something as well as you do, and it's a bit of an eye opener for me.

And, like Iw, I'm also finding the hiring process that you're going through quite unusual. Do you feel that all the interviews and the process as a whole will actually result in a high-quality decision? Sometimes organisations get so committed to complex process that they lose sight of what the process is intended to deliver. I just wonder why your organisation goes about things in the way that they do and whether it leads to better outcomes.

Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth said...

I giggled just a little at the posters of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner on the wall behind you. Were you modeling in Sydney's room?

I know this is so three days ago, but crossing my fingers for you at the interview.

And don't let those sleeves get you down.

xo -E