Garden color

Everybody knows I like color, right?  When men say “I don’t wear pink”, my reply is that pink is just a color and with all the other scary stuff out there to be afraid of, a color shouldn’t be scary.  They usually pretend they don’t know what I’m saying by saying “I’m not scared.”

Anyway, I often judge how well my garden is doing by color and whether I have every color of the rainbow represented.  Sometimes, it may not be much of a representation, but I want every color there, somewhere, all the time. 

Right now, we’re just coming out of the summer season and we’re getting some rain every couple of days (but no more storms, thank goodness) and the high temperatures have dropped below 100 on a consistent basis.  So, it’s a good time to evaluate the garden. 

I’ll let you decide how well I did.

Red.  Firecracker Fern


Orange.  Butterfly bush


Yellow.  Shrimp plant (I thought I’d killed this one, so I’m very proud of these blooms)


Green.  Green Rose.  Not sure what this really is, but I bought it as and take care of it as a rose.  And, it likes it.  Look closely for the three rose blooms


Blue.  Plumbago.  Nothing else to say.  It is practically invasive if you don’t dig and pull the extras.


Purple.  Fountain Grass, not sure of the cultivar.  I picked up one sprig off the sidewalk and now I have this.


That’s it for time today.  I spent my blogging time outside watering…yes, it takes a lot of work.  But, to me, it’s worth it. 



qltmom9 said...

Your garden seems as a garden should be refreshing and fun.


Kath said...

you are doing well Lane, my garden is a bit unexciting at the moment, with a few stalwarts supplying a limited pallet of pinks and white.

Elizabeth said...

I love color and rainbows and yours is beautiful.

xo -E

Susan Entwistle said...

Beautiful. I admire those who can garden with success. I always start out with good intentions, but come July the garden has more weeds than blooms.

Piece by Piece said...

Thanks for the walk in your garden see your colourful flowers. My garden is looking quite tired at the moment, all of the summer blooms are starting to fade, so I have just purchased a purple "mum" to put in the pot on my front porch.
Down right chilly this a.m. Fall is in the air. With the shorter days and less sunshine our trees will soon be giving us some beautiful colours before that white stuff starts to fall.