The last coat post (my coat anyway)

It is finally finished.


And, the mile and a half of orange basting thread has been pulled out of it. 


It fits good.  And, it feels good.  The sleeves were such a good choice, with less bulk.  While the hood and the coat have an inner layer of batting for insulation, I didn’t include that layer in the sleeves, or waste the plaid fabric there.  I put a heavy green denim layer under the wool shell and lined them with polyester lining.


I also lined the pockets and the pocket flaps with that poly lining.


If I compare myself to a sweatshop employee that sews hundreds of toggles on garments all day and can execute them each perfectly, I didn’t do so good.  But, I’m happy.  They’ll do.  They are a precision nightmare because every time the needle pierces the leather(ette), it leaves a mark that doesn’t go away if you pick out the mistake.  The first four I put in with an open toed embroidery foot and got great seam allowance, but terrible stitch length.  I switched to my free motion quilting foot and, while it was a lot easier to sew them on, I got great stitch length and lousy seam allowance.  Eh, life is full of little tradeoffs.  And, did I say that I love my coat?


I feel like the inside deserves a photo, since that’s where most of the time went.


Not perfect, but certainly passable.  I’ve owned off the rack that was worse.  But, I’ve also owned off the rack that was better.

We went and got the fabric for Sydney’s coat yesterday.


She felt like the olive green with the black and white plaid lining was “too plain”, so I compromised and told her I’d buy one layer, but she had to pick one layer from what I already had.  She chose that khaki on the left, saying she thought it would be more versatile than the green.  And, she picked the blue and grey and khaki lining and I picked the sleeve lining.  BECAUSE. 

Anyway, I hope to get it cut out this afternoon.  I’d love to knock it out in a week, too.  I’m not finishing the seam allowances in hers.  I’m serging all the pieces and then bagging in the lining.  It cannot be any harder, and I believe it will be much easier.  I’ll let you know.

Couple of people commented on my interview process.  I agree that it was excessive.  So much so that I almost withdrew twice.  But, I stuck it out and whether I get the job or not, I plan to provide the feedback that the interview was more commensurate with a high level executive than a lowly project manager.

Anyway, it’s done now and the scraps are mostly picked up in the sewing room and I’m ready to move on to new things.

Everybody have a great Sunday.  Oops, I just saw another orange basting thread.  Dang!



Becky said...

Bravo, dear friend! Your choices on style, color, assembly and everything was just spot on! I wouldn't expect anything less.

Love, Becky

ga447 said...

You bring back anxious memories when I went through my interviews. I wish you well. The coat is awesome - great talent.

Linda K said...

The coat is very handsome, and the panel on the back is now a great design feature. You look stylish and relaxed in your new coat, well done!

Michelle said...

It looks wonderful!

Lakegaldonna said...

Your new coat looks great and what a nice fit!

lw said...

The coat looks great, and even better, your smile in the first photo-- wow!!

Megan said...

Congratulations on your coat. I've really enjoyed reading about your work on it. I hope you'll provide us with progress reports on Sydney's too.
Job interviews: my question is - has all the effort and time "worked"? That is, has the process allowed the organisation to select the person who is best suited to the role? If so, then it's worth it. Otherwise it's process gone mad and a huge waste of resources.

Sydney, Australia

Rita said...

Your coat looks great! Well done!

Frances Welch said...

Your coat is fantastic Lane -- can I put in an order lol the only problem I'd have to hop on a plane from UK for my fittings!! Good luck with any future interviews.

Peter Lappin said...

Great job on that coat, Lane. VERY professional looking!

Elizabeth said...

Aren't you the dickens in that new coat? You look very smart, indeed. You did a beautiful job and it is doubtful that you've had better from off the rack.

Sydney's coat is going to be really cute. I like the lining she picked. And, while the waiting to hear back about the job is going on, it will hopefully be another distraction.

xo -E