Picture day

Remember how exciting picture day was at school?  All dressed up and waiting.  Black plastic combs that you got to keep.  I have some awful school pictures.  But, I have some good ones, too. 

Today is picture day at Sydney’s school.


She very carefully picked out what she wanted to wear and I could not get a really good picture of her, no matter where we went or what we tried.

So, it’s a good thing that a professional is taking her picture today.

She and I had a falling out last night because I had a sick headache and asked for her help with the dishes and she was a real pain in the ass about it.  I ended up telling her I didn’t “need her damn help” and sending her away.  She made up for it by letting me read her article for the school paper.  It’s pretty good, even if she can’t spell worth a flip.  She’s taking it to the school library and loading it into software that has spellcheck.  I tried to find something on her computer with spellcheck and she got real antsy about me digging around.  Guess I’ll have to sit down with that puppy soon and find out what she’s hiding. 

Mable is better.  Her tail is injured in addition to the problems they solved at the emergency clinic on Sunday.  I worry that they may have injured her tail while they were working on her, but there’s nothing good going to come out of thinking like that.  The vet gave her some anti-inflammatories and she was doing remarkably better by the time we got home last night. 

That, or she’s pretending so nobody else will stick their finger up her bum.

I could understand that.

Anyway, here’s a picture of an iris that has been blooming in the garden this week.  Don’t know what it is.  I “liberated” it from the woods while we were on vacation.  It’s not the only thing I liberated, but it is the only one that has bloomed.


Everybody have a great Friday.  Still no word on the job.  One of my biggest beefs is people that can’t make decisions.

And, people that decide they don’t like things before they even try them, like Sam, I am from Green Eggs and Ham and Ted Cruz, senator from the state of “I am more special than you.”  I wonder if, when Ted decided to read that story during his “night of the living idiot”, he realized that Sam liked those green eggs and ham after he gave them a chance.



sewandsow said...

Your liberated plant is a Blackberry Lilly. Be aware they reseed profusely. Sidney is a very beautiful young lady and very lucky to have such a great family.

lw said...

Mable may have injured her own tail when she was uncomfortable with her impacted gland. My beagle Orson damaged his tail that way. He's still missing a patch of fur he nibbled off trying to reach the gland and get some relief.

I hope Syd's being antsy has to do with the normal things a girl wants to keep private-- crushes on boys, etc.

ga447 said...

The company I worked for it took 4-6 months. Then at the end of the year they had a freeze.

Kath said...

Miss Sydney looks very pretty, I hope she was pleased with her school photo.
You are very patient Lane, I would be tearing my hair out!

Barb H said...

Good point about Sam trying the green eggs and ham and liking them.

Becky said...

You gave me a chuckle today....and I needed that! Sydney is beautiful, just beautiful! I'm sorry she didn't realize she needed to help you with the dishes....as she matures she will come to know how important it is to help each other out....like you did when her knee was out. ;)

Linda said...

Wow! She's really growing up, isn't she? She's a beautiful girl.

Cheryl Fogg said...

Sydney is beautiful and her outfit choice is perfect, I love the colors w/her complexion.

Here in Michigan we aren't allowed to pick (or dig) wild flowers. We have wild lillies and roses that are very tempting. You found a pretty one!

Cheryl Fogg said...
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Anonymous said...

she probably didn't want to help out with the dishes because she sees you as the all powerful adult. My kids got a lot kinder when they saw my flaws and when they could help me. I've been very proud of them ever since.

Elizabeth said...

That Sydney. Such a beautiful girl.

I hate school pictures. They have yet to capture a beautiful image of my kids and they seriously overcharge. But I suppose that part of life is looking back on an album of embarrassing school pictures.

xo -E