Opening up the hood

No, not the car, silly.  Why would I go there?  I’m sure I opened the hood on the car when I bought it, but since then, there’s been no reason for me to go there.  Not sure I even could without consulting the owner’s manual.

That’s pretty sad, huh? 

I opened up the hood on the coat, of course.  If you read my post yesterday, you know that just mentioning a problem in the hood meant I was going to have to solve it.  Turned out it was excessive seam allowance that was preventing the V seam from laying flat.  And, it was my first V seam.  (And, personally, I don’t much see the point.)

Anyway, I took out the seams that held down the facings, took out the previous seam binding, fixed the dimples and now, I’m putting it back together. 


Once the points were right, I put in a new piece of folded seam binding. 


This seam was trimmed to 3/8” so I didn’t trim it down to 1/4 like the other seams are.  I used a wider piece of binding, cut 2 1/2” instead of 2 1/4. 

And, it’s fitting perfectly, so that’s how the rest of the seams will be finished.


Won’t be long and I’ll be back where I started when I decided to take this apart. 

I’ve loved having this coat to obsess about.  While I was waiting for my interview to start yesterday, I worked in my mind and estimated the amount of work I’d have to take out and then how much time it would take me to put that back in and weighing that against what I thought I’d get out of it.  I decided what was an acceptable amount of work and that actually worked out this time.

The interview itself went fine.  We had a nice chat.  She asked me her questions.  I gave her good answers, giving her just the right amount of detail to accomplish what she needed from each question.  I’ve interviewed a lot of people and I know that helps me be a better interviewee. 

Okay, so everybody have a great Wednesday.  Lane


lw said...

So did the repair work? I can't tell from the photos.

I interview rarely and from what I remember, the basics are: be neat and attractive, be interested, and interview the interviewer for job details that will let you decide if you actually want the job.

Becky said...

The coat is looking super!
Good luck with the job!

Elizabeth said...

I interviewed for a job at the county library once, when I already had a job working as the manager over the Junior's Dress Department at a department store. The library job was one I'd applied for six or seven months earlier and the department store job was the one I took when I didn't hear back from the library. There were two positions open; one at the branch a few blocks from my house and one at the branch farthest away from my house, clear at the other end of the county. They hired me and one other woman, who also lived near the library near my house, but they gave me first pick of locations because I totally aced the interview. I know, too, which question it was, that did it for me. It was a good thing for me, getting that job. It meant less hours and more pay which really helped with my school schedule. Plus, I met Mr. Bug through a co-worker. Sometimes, something better comes along, and you just have to take it. But I think it took the pressure off at the interview because I already had a job.

However it turns out for you, you can know you did your best.

xo -E